For the Jurors: The Apple vs. Samsung Verdict-O-Matic

After approximately fifty long hours of litigation, the Apple vs Samsung trial has finally wrapped itself up last Friday. Now, all that is left is Tuesday's closing arguments before the jury begins its deliberations. While the presiding Judge Koh urged the two to meet and settle their differences, it looks like it's going to be up to the seven men and two women on the jury to decide the case.

Unfortunately for them, they'll have to sort through hours of expert testimony and hundreds of pages of instructions before unanimously agreeing on whether or not certain patents were valid and infringed upon. If they can't reach a unanimous decision, the case will be called a mistrial and we'll be back at square one, with Apple and Samsung millions of dollars in the gutter.

Luckily for the jury, the Joy of Tech comic by Nitrozac & Snaggy has created a convenient way to reach a verdict (click through twice on the image to the right).


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  • fonzy
    Verdict-O-Matic..... Doesn't apple have a patent on that?
  • freggo
    "with Apple and Samsung millions of dollars in the gutter."

    Let's face it, Apple and Samsung do not pay that tab, You and I do when we buy their products!
    It's an Ego Fest of lawyers at the consumer's expense.
  • scook9
    getrealSamSuck guilty on all accounts, plus one count of douchebaggery. Seriously, stealing from business partners that trust you is as low as it gets.Samsuck lawyers bungled this one. They spent all their time questioning Apple's witnesses, because Samsuck HAD NO CASE. Plus, much like Samsuck itself, its lawyers need Apple to do everything first. Even the lawyers copy Apple! LOL! Good guys always prevail. Go Apple Good Guys!This one is as open and shut as it gets. Apple wins. Flawless victory. FATALITY.

    I really cannot wait until we have a verdict so we don't have to listen to fanboys like you anymore on this matter. Unless you are ready to tell the world that the jury is all idiots and Apple is infallible

    Note that my comment holds true regardless of who they find in favor of, I just want the internet douchebaggery to end (at least on this - I know it will never be completely gone)
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  • fonzy
    Verdict-O-Matic..... Doesn't apple have a patent on that?
  • TheBigTroll
    just wasting taxpayers money
  • halcyon