Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse is Like No Other

We've been hearing about Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse for a while now. A couple of interesting pictures cropped up on Twitter and word on the street was Microsoft was teasing its upcoming peripheral. However, the images didn't look anything like a traditional mouse, leading people to believe Microsoft could be working on its own version of Apple's Magic Trackpad.

This week, yet more images cropped up, and though these ones didn't come directly from Redmond, they do lend weight to the theory that the images posted to the Microsoft twitter were pictures of the Arc Touch Mouse.

The images above were taken from German etailer Notebooksbillinger's website and show a curved mouse, with a shape similar to that of the already available Microsoft Arc Mouse. However, as you can see, the Arc Touch Mouse actually flattens out for easy packing. The mouse is supposedly able to track on almost any surface, features touch scrolling and makes use of a 2.4GHz nano transceiver.

Notebooksbillinger had the price for the peripheral listed as €69.99, but no word on if that's a conversion of the American price or just a similar price point.

(via Engadget)

  • zoemayne
    its just a mouse/track pad i mean seriously....
  • proxy711
  • Function > Form.
  • lamorpa
    Wow. Now I can finally buy that suitcase that I could not fit my old mouse into. That 3"x2"x1" (6 space that my old, huge mouse took up can be replaced by this new, tiny 3.5"x2"x0.5" (3.5 mouse. I was always a couple cubic inches short with my old suitcase. 2.5! (0.0015 cu.ft!) Now I can fit everything!
  • beayn
    zoemayneits just a mouse/track pad i mean seriously....
    But if Apple made it, it would be revolutionary.
  • jacobdrj
    I wonder if they will make a bluetooth version.

    Either way, this looks very cool, and innovative. However, it has to prove to me that the arc design is comfortable and ergonomic, or they will not get many buyers. It would take a lot to pry some people away from their trackballs from their cold, dead hands...

    Also, battery life, battery life, and more battery life... If it is too low, forget about it.

    Other issues with mice come from tracking. Do I trust a trackpad not from Synaptics? I have tried some imitators, and have been quite disappointed. The laser on Microsoft mice seem to leave a little to be desired, even from their laser mice, compared with Logitech, despite M$ being the initial company to market with optical mice.
  • theuerkorn
    Finally something Microsoft I would consider buying.
  • TunaSoda
    "Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse is Like No Other"
    That's a good thing
  • damasvara
    beaynBut if Apple made it, it would be revolutionary.Only if you're holding it right... lovl
  • Nightsilver
    beaynBut if Apple made it, it would be revolutionary.

    It would change everything. Again.