Is a New Baldur's Gate On The Way? Maybe.

Talk about classic PC gaming! Baldur's Gate was nothing but pure RPG goodness Forgotten Realms-style when the series crashed the PC gaming scene back in 1998. It, along with Blizzard's original Diablo, kept many a player engaged long after their eyes began to get blurry and their legs grow numb. And now with the third Diablo installment threatening to consume every ounce of free time next quarter, it seems only fitting that BioWare's Baldur's Gate series makes a comeback too.

The Baldur's Gate series seemingly ended with the release of Throne of Bhaal in 2001, the expansion pack for Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. But hints embedded within the source code of the Baldur's Gate website now suggest that the Lord of Murder might make a return via resurrection or by way of offspring. Honestly we've seen this type of teaser tactic before, so don't assume it's a case of wishful thinking. Here's one clue:

\Shadowy Figure- Raise Dead : Infinity Engine
For years, I clung to the memory of it. Then the memory of the memory.
And then... it returned. Better than it was before.

Here's another one that just appeared:

Pore over the tapestries and works of art hanging from our walls if you wish, Child of Bhaal... perhaps you will find a clue. But patience, ah... patience would reveal it all.

As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does life.

And then we have former BioWare designer Trent Oster who now resides at independent developer / digital PC game store Beamdog. His team reportedly has something to do with the new Baldur's Gate teaser site.

"We're not related to the Steam complete edition, I can tell you that much," Oster told GameBanshee. "Other than that, we're hoping to announce something soon."

Based on the clues, a new Infinity Engine may be in the works along with a third installment to the Baldur's Gate series. The previous engine powered both Baldur's Gate titles, the two Icewind Dale RPGs, and the classic Planetscape: Torment. But like the revamped MDK2 HD, these hints could also mean that the Baldur's Gate series is getting an overhaul and will be ported to tablets like the iPad 2/3.The latter scenario seems more likely.

"A new toy for the office. What could we be developing that would require an iMac?" Oster teased via Twitter. He later talks about enjoying the fan reaction, unable to sleep because he keeps watching the analytics on the Baldur's Gate site.

As for February 29, the new clue is as follows:

Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, the only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm! Hit the link if you can't remember the story behind Boo (squeak).

The last game released in the Baldur's Gate series was Dark Alliance 2 back in 2004.

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  • ddemon
    I really hope this is a new and fresh game much could be done with this ...very exciting!
  • Other Comments
  • ddemon
    I really hope this is a new and fresh game much could be done with this ...very exciting!
  • gilbertfh
    Back in the day I played this game extensively. I would love to see a port to tablet but there would be a lot of kinks to work out. FF7 port to a tablet would be cool as well.
  • Horhe
    I wish I'd played it back in the day because when I tried to play it last year I just couldn't get into it. Maybe if I hadn't played newer DnD games before (like NWN2)... I really hope they give your party members a good AI, to avoid micromanagement.