Guild Wars 2 Public Beta Signup Limited Time Only

ArenaNet sent over a short but sweet email saying that the studio is now calling on play testers to participate in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta events. The catch is that not everyone will be chosen to participate, and the beta signup itself is only open for 48 hours, starting Wednesday. If you've followed the development and are eager for an early-hands on with the hot Guild Wars sequel, now's the time to act.

The first step towards entry into a new Tyria is to download a tool provided by ArenaNet that will gather (evidence) the hardware details of your rig. Once that's done, hopeful testers are redirected back to a sign-up form asking for age, country and so forth. After the application is submitted, users will get a confirmation by email.

"Thanks for signing up for a chance to participate in the Guild Wars 2 beta test," the email states. "We've received your application and we'll email you if you've been accepted. We appreciate your interest in Guild Wars 2!"

"Guild Wars 2 is redefining what is possible in online roleplaying games," reads the game's description. "We’re casting aside worn out old MMO conventions for a new kind of gaming experience where your character’s story actually matters and your actions really have an impact on the world. Bid farewell to grind and hollow, meaningless quests and enter Tyria, a land of beauty and danger filled with dynamic events that are constantly changing and evolving. With dynamic action-oriented combat, customized personal storylines, intense competitive PvP, and world vs. world battles, Guild Wars 2 has something for every kind of gamer."

To sign up for the beta events, head here. W00t, and good luck.

  • elcentral
    my fing god
  • artiqe
    I NEED IN!
  • alidan
    i just hope they have enough content, and that they got rid of the retarded crafting system of the old game. i mean yea, i can get up to level 20 in a day if i tried, but the combat was so lacking, and with no friends, it became boring, and once i hit the 20 mark, it was a japanese/korean style crafting system that was basically get 5 of the stupidest objects you can find, and magically armor/weapon is born. i quit a bit after i hit level 20 because i didnt like the style of game they had going... but it was a fun game till the 20 mark, and i would recommend it to anyone... just dont expect much after it.
  • shiftmx112
    W00t, and good luck.

  • stop bitching about gw1 its from 2004 read about gw2 before you cry
  • eklerus
    I signed for the beta the program only recognized my Intel HD graphics 3000 I’m so ashamed
  • goldenthunder
    Singed up as well. Recognised only one of my GPUs (with wrong amount of memory) and only the first partition (30GB, almost full). Oh well, let's see what happens :)
  • madalin3
    Same thing for me. Recognised only Intel HD Graphics and 56GB ssd almost full.
  • Onus
    I've signed up. I'm still playing the original GW, so I really hope this is good.
  • whitey_rolls
    eklerusI signed for the beta the program only recognized my Intel HD graphics 3000 I’m so ashamed
    It isn't necessarily a bad thing, Arenanet will need to test the game against all different types of hardware. I would hazard a guess you would have a better chance of getting in with lower end tech than a guy who has 580 GTX in SLI or something like that.