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Microsoft's Bing Gains from Google's January Dip

Search engine rankings are never really all that surprising. Google is always first, Yahoo! is always second and Bing comes in third every month, without fail. Sometimes Yahoo! or Bing will rise or fall just a little bit and one will benefit from the other's loss, but it's never a massive drop.

January's rankings were no different. Google came first, Yahoo! came second and Microsoft came third, experiencing a slight gain over the previous month. However, in a most unusual turn of events Microsoft has Google to thank for Bing's gain this month.

According to ComScore (via CNet), Google's dominant share of the search market slipped by 0.3 percentage points to 65.4 percent of all searches conducted in the U.S.  As a result, Bing increased by 0.6 percentage points to 11.3 percent of all searches. Yahoo! lost another 0.3 percent, dropping to 17 percent of all searches.

Microsoft Bing has experienced almost consistent growth since it launched last May, rising from 8.4 percent in June to its current 11.3 percent.

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  • ionut19
    Microsoft's Bing Gains from Google's January Dip

    It should sound like this: Microsoft's Bing Gains from Google and Yahoo's January Dip !
  • redplanet
    bing is good for quick pr0n
  • uh_no
    so google and yahoo each dropped .3, but microsoft only gained from google's drop apprently....i am never unamazed at the inanity of the articles posted here some time
  • totheshed
  • Kapoue
    comScore, like Alexia, uses a tracking software that most of us would call spyware. Therefore, comScore represents trends in the population that installs spywares (ie. noobs).

    New headline suggested : Bing gains market share among Spyware-happy noobs
  • sliem
    I wouldn't say Bing sucks... however google is stapled and it'll be stapled for a long time to come.
  • enzo matrix
    I'm surprised it hasn't increased more considering it is the default search engine on every new windows shipped.
  • ethanolson
    I switched to Bing. I also believe that Bing powers Yahoo! to a certain degree, so what's their real share? Probably higher.
  • TheDuke
    switched to bing last week
    I'm pretty happy especially after turning off the safe search
  • Stryter
    I must admit, bing does have some nice features that makes finding info a little easier. I like the website previews and the traffic info on the maps. Bing does everything I need it to do, of course so does google. I guess im too lazy to change my default engine back to google. :\ oh well.