Bing Brings Hulu, YouTube and MSN Video

Describing it as a "new unified online video destination," Microsoft says Bing Videos will combine results from ABC, YouTube, Hulu and MSN Videos. Of course, such a product calls for a new homepage, which Microsoft has dutifully rolled out for Bing Videos.

Visiting, users can browse through and search for their favorite TV shows and even "dim the lights" when they want to watch something.

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  • enzo matrix
    Wow. Looks like the old google video
  • counselmancl
    Yeah, but can it play Crysis?
  • belardo
    2010 : Google combines the the sites of Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Yahoo onto a single page.

    WTF is with these stupid new POP up banners?! They keep coming up and sucking up the whole screen! Castrol? This is crap!