BioShock Infinite Coming to Mac... This Summer

Console and Windows gamers need only wait until next week for the highly anticipated third entry into the BioShock series. Mac users, however, are going to have to wait a little bit longer.

According to Aspyr Media, Irrational Games's Mac publisher for BioShock Infinite, the Mac port will be released Summer 2013. Little else is revealed about the port.

To be fair, Mac users have often been spurned with non-existent, or extremely tardy releases, so BioShock Infinite's arrival to the platform after only a few months delay comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise.  

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  • internetlad
    "I paid an extra thousand dollars for THIS?"
  • anderamos
    Bought it on steam to play XCOM, can wait several months to play Bioshock
  • bender3000
    Cool! Mac users can add this to a long list of games like Command & Conquer and Tetris!
  • edogawa
    Who games on a MAC anyway. I'd rather see it on Linux.
  • abbadon_34
    the release are late for good reason, give mac hardware time to catch up
  • edogawaWho games on a MAC anyway. I'd rather see it on Linux.
    My thoughts exactly, besides, you're already making it for OSX which means it's also using OpenGL. If you're already doing that, you may as well port it to linux as it isn't much of a hassle and it'll sell well because it's one of the few AAA titles for linux. Besides, drivers for Linux are soooooo much better.
  • myromance123
    I'd like to see it released for Linux as well.
  • Spooderman
    Unless someone has a custom built Mac or millions of dollars to spend, they're not going to be playing this game on medium settings on any Apple computer, let alone high. I see no point in releasing the game on Mac.
  • atminside
    I understand Macs use OpenGL and not DirectX. So aren't some specific Directx 11 features that BioShock use exclusive to windows only? Is the latest version of OpenGL able to produce or emulate directx 9-11 features? Sorry for this noobish question.
  • slomo4sho
    Apple... always late to the party.