BitFenix Announces Ronin ATX Enclosure

BitFenix, a manufacturer that recently received a lot of attention with its versatile Prodigy enclosure, has released yet another enclosure. This one is a full-size ATX enclosure and goes by the name of Ronin.

The Ronin enclosure features a simple, sleek and functional design. With a number of customization options, it  should appeal to a large number of buyers. The case has a side panel with an acrylic window, customizable "micro-mesh strips," a supposed Stealth Cover to make the built enclosure look even cleaner, and BitFenix' SofTouch Surface treatment along most of the exterior for a high-quality feeling.

Internally, the enclosure will house up to ATX size motherboards, standard ATX size power supplies, graphics cards up to 420 mm long (when removing the flex cage), and up to six 3.5" drives or 2.5" drives, as well as three optical drives.

For cooling, the case can house up to six fans, though only two are included out of the box. Only the top can house 140 mm fans; the rest of the enclosure will hold 120 mm fans. Up top, users can also install up to 240 mm water cooling radiators.

Front I/O connectivity will be handled by two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a pair of HD audio jacks, as well as power and reset switches.

There is no information on what the case would cost when it hits retail; the company did indicate that the case will be available mid-July.

BitFenix Ronin Official Trailer

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  • JobCreator
    Nice CPU cooler inside that case... :P
  • KrazyKap
    very much like the Shinobi then but slightly taller to hold the 240 rad...
  • djfv
    I agree. It looks very much like a successor to the Shinobi.