CeBIT 2008: The Fastest Memory on Earth

Every year, manufacturer of memory modules fight for the fastest module crown. Corsair wins, once again, this year’s title by reaching 2 133 MHz or only 33 MHz more than OCZ, but at aggressive timings : 8-8-8-24. The equivalent in DDR1 would hypothetically be a module running at 533 MHz CAS 2, which may be more meaningful. Running on an NVIDIA reference motherboard built on a 790i chipset, this accomplishment requires a voltage of 2.1 V. The machine crashed when we came on the booth and had to reboot before we could launch CPU-Z and verify the value.

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Let’s note that the kit isn’t available in retail yet, but should be at the end of the month. It’ll only available with CAS 9 timings though, which seems to indicate that the module isn’t really stable. Of course, there aren’t any prices as usual on Corsair’s high end.

The manufacturer will also launch in the coming months, kits meant to be sold in retail and big supermarkets (and not online) displaying a new packaging and aggressive prices we are told.

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