E3 2013: Call of Duty Ghosts "Federation Day" Demo

Part of Activision's "booth tour" during E3 2013 was Call of Duty: Ghosts, developed by Infinity Ward and slated for Windows PC, both Xbox consoles, both PlayStation consoles and the Wii U on November 5, 2013. The company showcased the upcoming shooter with three gameplay demos, two of which are shown below. The third demo, called Federation Day, was only shown to the press, and involved infiltrating an enemy-filled skyscraper in Venezuela.

The demo opened up with the player and his team on the rooftop of an extremely tall skyscraper. Fireworks lit up the sky, dazzling a crowd down below on the street as the player set up zip-line launchers. Once that was accomplished, the team took aim of another skyscraper across the street, fired, and then began to slide across the night air.

Before they reached the other side, the team detached their lines from the first building, allowing them to dangle across the glass of the second enemy building. They then began to slowly descend, taking out enemies with single shots through the glass. Eventually they paused their decent, cut circles into the glass, and entered the building.

The room they entered appeared to be full of servers. The object, it seemed, was to plant bombs and haul ass back out. A few moments later their objective was complete and the team was back out on the side of the skyscraper, continuing their descent down to the street. The player eventually reached a balcony patrolled by an enemy, detached from his rappelling wire, and killed the unsuspecting patrolling opponent with a knife to the throat.

But the player wasn't stealthy enough, and the dead enemy's comrades ran out to the balcony to investigate the noise. The action suddenly went into slow motion as the player ripped the knife out of the first enemy, threw it into the head of the second enemy and shot the other.

At this point the demo suddenly jumped forward in time. Something had undoubtedly gone wrong, as the building was on fire and getting ready to topple over. The player began to slide down an angled floor, fighting both sliding debris and furniture along with gun-toting bad guys. He was shooting left and right, struggling to stay alive, but the player's doom was imminent: he was heading towards a window and would undoubtedly fall out and plunge to the street below.

And that's what happened: he crashed through the window, but the demo ended while the player entered the night air, leaving us to wonder how he will survive the fall. Thanks for that, Activision.

Official Call of Duty: Ghosts "No Man's Land" Gameplay Video

Official Call of Duty: Ghosts "Into the Deep" Gameplay Video

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