Hi-Tech Platinum Coffee Table Has Built-In PC

Looking for a new coffee table with that little something extra? How about a LOT extra? Retro-tech has injected high-tech into its coffee tables, providing geek-loving goodies other than flowers, cups of tea and the latest celebrity dirt mag. But they don't come cheap: expect to fork out between $2,900 and $4,850 for these luxury items.

For starters, Retro-tech's Platinum Coffee Table packs a multimedia experience into a fairly modernized-looking coffee table. A 22-inch LCD monitor is embedded in the table's surface, while somewhere deep within resides an Intel dual-core processor and the other PC components. Logitech provides the wireless keyboard and mouse, and the entire system can connect to the Internet, HDTVs, and hi-fi audio systems.

For the gamer, Retro-tech offers the Arcade Coffee Table, inspired by the classic 1980s arcade tables scratched by beer bottles and scarred by cigarette butts. This table is loaded with "personality," packed with a 17-inch LCD monitor embedded in its surface and classic arcade controls mounted on the size. The table features a ton of classic arcade hits such as Ms. Pacman, Galaxian, Super Cobra, Xevious, and many, many more.

The Platinum Coffee Table will cost around $4,850. Retro-tech's Arcade Coffee Table--and two other variants of the same design--will cost between $2,900 and $3,600. They're not cheap to say the least, but they look rather cool and would make a good conversation piece, especially when someone plants their feet on your $2,900+ PC coffee table.

  • acecombat
    I'd love to see someone not make a Crysis joke about this article for once!
  • Parsian
    can it?
  • coolgamer512
    But can it play Crysis?
  • Looks like something I would built utilizing some old hardware =)
  • volks1470
    for that much cash and the can only use a 22''?? How bout a good 27'' or maybe even a 30'' panel.
  • 4trees
    I would like to see the inside of that table, I wish they had a link with internal pics. Passive cooled, how much ram, what kind of hdd, can it take the risk of spills???? This table could win some prizes for custom case mods.
  • sceen311
    so you have to have a plug in your coffee table? I'd go for it if it had a touchscreen monitor and could wirelessly transmit video to my hd tv. that might be like next year though.
  • Camikazi
    This seems expensive to me, doesn't seem so hard to make, wish the edges of the table going that far down, it seems you can house normal PC parts in there. I love and hate these articles, they always give me ideas and now I want to try and make one of those :/
  • tinmann
    For 4 Grand it the screen should tilt from flat to at least 15 degrees and there should be a table touch keyboard. For that much I want the setup they use use for the weather broadcast these days. A big touch screen.
  • back_by_demand
    Switchable touchscreen.
    Off when you put coffee mugs, feet and the latest copy of Cosmo on the top.
    On when you want to use multitouch.
    Yes please!!!