Hi-Tech Platinum Coffee Table Has Built-In PC

Looking for a new coffee table with that little something extra? How about a LOT extra? Retro-tech has injected high-tech into its coffee tables, providing geek-loving goodies other than flowers, cups of tea and the latest celebrity dirt mag. But they don't come cheap: expect to fork out between $2,900 and $4,850 for these luxury items.

For starters, Retro-tech's Platinum Coffee Table packs a multimedia experience into a fairly modernized-looking coffee table. A 22-inch LCD monitor is embedded in the table's surface, while somewhere deep within resides an Intel dual-core processor and the other PC components. Logitech provides the wireless keyboard and mouse, and the entire system can connect to the Internet, HDTVs, and hi-fi audio systems.

For the gamer, Retro-tech offers the Arcade Coffee Table, inspired by the classic 1980s arcade tables scratched by beer bottles and scarred by cigarette butts. This table is loaded with "personality," packed with a 17-inch LCD monitor embedded in its surface and classic arcade controls mounted on the size. The table features a ton of classic arcade hits such as Ms. Pacman, Galaxian, Super Cobra, Xevious, and many, many more.

The Platinum Coffee Table will cost around $4,850. Retro-tech's Arcade Coffee Table--and two other variants of the same design--will cost between $2,900 and $3,600. They're not cheap to say the least, but they look rather cool and would make a good conversation piece, especially when someone plants their feet on your $2,900+ PC coffee table.

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