Cooler Master Introduces Silencio 352 mATX Case

The Silencio 352 is built from the ground up to reduce as much noise output as possible. Using foam-lined doors and side panels, the Silencio 352 is capable of absorbing most of the noise your hardware creates during heavy load. Not only that, the Silencio 352 is constructed with a solid steel frame and sits atop rubber feet which reduce vibration. The front I/O panel includes two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, audio jacks and SD card reader. Lastly, the design of the Silencio 352 features a glossy front panel.

Focusing on the interior of the Silencio 352, we find room for graphics cards up to 355 mm (approx. 13 inches) in length, three 3.5” drive bays and four 2.5” drive bays, and even a large 240 mm radiator in the front (or 120 mm in the back) for water cooling setups. The Silencio is equipped with two Cooler Master XtraFlo fans (one in the front and one in the rear) which have up to 82.9 CFM. Behind the front panel and on the bottom of the case, a removable dust filter can be found.

The Silencio 352 is expected to be available at the end of August. Prices vary by region, but the case is expected to be $54.90. For more information, visit the Silencio 352 product page.

  • ojas
    Looks like a nice case...i think CM was late to the removable filter game, good to see them catch up.
  • WhyFi
    Nice - I'll have to keep an eye out for reviews on noise and thermals.
  • pbrigido
    Nice and clean. Only thing I would opt to have is a non-glossy front panel.
  • aebome
    This looks to be a quieted version of their N200 mATX case, which is definitely a good base. I just wonder how the thermals will be with only two fans and all that sound deadening material. I do like the front better than the N200, which has the off-center "stripe" though, which doesn't look as good with an optical drive installed.
  • qlum
    Looks nice though the glossy front is a big negative for me, sure glossy black may look nice but glossy black with its inevitable fingerprints does not.
  • InvalidError
    Looks like a fairly nice case.

    I like my Antec 300/300v2 but my biggest pet peeve about them is the lack of front-removable filters - need to open the side-panel and unclip the front frame to remove filters for cleaning. Another annoyance is that I only use the front and rear fan mounts on my Antec 300s so the extra fan mounts and meshed areas are just dust intakes. This affordable CM case would solve both issues.

    Looking at the image, I see at least three things that could have been done otherwise:
    1- make the case one IO slot taller to accommodate a two-slot GPU on 4th slot which would also have the added benefit of giving PC builders an extra 3/4" to work with between the PSU and motherboard while dropping the board in. It would also allow people to use SLI/CFX in this case.
    2- I personally would have preferred having 2x5.25" bays - the second bay could have a 3.5" adapter.
    3- A modular drive cage to add another 3-4 HDDs when not using extra-long GPUs.
  • rolli59
    Internally like the N200 but with a door on the front which to me is not a plus.
  • CaedenV
    Hmm... looks very nice. Wonder if they will make a big brother to this unit as a clear upgrade from my CM690
  • belardo
    Nice to start SEEING some nice SMALL cases again. Remember the Mini tower version of the Antec 180? There is less and less reasons to need a full tower know days. A single video card is what most people use and every 4-slotted motherboard does CF/SLI.

    The door isn't much of a big deal anymore... how many of us actually use the Optical drive other than to install the OS or some games / programs? With Stream... never. With Office 2013... its download, etc.

  • InvalidError
    11386201 said:
    how many of us actually use the Optical drive other than to install the OS or some games / programs?
    I still use DVD-R/RW as a complement to external HDDs for backing up my most important files. That's about once every 5-6 weeks.