First Core i7 Laptop Has One Hour Battery Life

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you about the ‘mobile workstation’ that Eurocom was cramming a Core i7 into? Well now we know more, and we’re a little surprised. Well, not really.

At the beginning of February Computer company, Eurocom proudly displayed the specs for the upcoming D900F PHANTOM i7: a laptop with Intel’s Core i7. While the spec sheet listed everything under the sun, it left out the one thing that people was asking about the most: how long will this thing even last before I have to plug it in?

Not long, apparently. The company issued a press release today and oddly enough, it sort of sounds pleased about the fact that it can make the 12 cell battery last for an hour.

“The World's First workstation and server-class notebook with Intel i7 Quad Core or XEON processor; 1.5 Terabytes of storage, RAID 5 and internal 1 hour Battery!”

The Core i7 and 8 MB of L2 aside, the D900F packs 8 GB of DDR3 and up to 1.5 TB of storage. It weighs 11.9 lbs of bulk which actually doesn’t matter because you’re not likely to be lugging this around for long. While it’s more than likely going to give you back problems and you’ll be charging it all the time, this will at least be the most compact Core i7 box on the market.

The D900F is supposedly shipping sometime in April, though there’s no word on pricing yet.

Full specs from Eurocom:

  1. High-performance upgradeable 64-bit Dual or Quad core Intel XEON processors
  2. Fully 64-bit compliant hardware
  3. 8 GB of high performance memory,
  4. Large capacity, high performance, redundant storage with RAID 0/1/5 three physical hard drives and up to 1.5 TB of storage
  5. Internal 17-inch LCD display
  6. Internal built-in battery; 1 hour of battery backup in case of power failure
  7. High capacity optical Re-writable Blu Ray drive storage, perfect data backup
  8. Long lifespan
  9. Built-in 102-key desktop-like full size keyboard with separate numeric keypad
  10. Multiple I/O Ports: 1Gigabit Ethernet LAN; 4 USB 2.0, FireWire, serial and parallel ports, CRT and DVI-D for 2 external displays. Optional 2nd Gigabit Ethernet is available via PC Express slot.
  11. Wireless: Built-in WLAN 802.11a/g/n and Bluetooth 2.0
  • tenor77
    I wonder how long it will last under load? Not to mention if you know anything about Lithium Ion batteries, draining them puts strain on it and shortens the lifespan and capacity.

    No thanks.
  • roofus
    Mock it if you like but they have the one hour laptop market all to themselves right now. ;)
    Come on AMD, we need your one hour laptop to compete with this!
  • A Stoner
    Sweet. That is about the same as my 4 year old Dell XPS lappy with no replacement battery. These are more aptly named portable computers, as they really are not meant to be used away from the wall outlet.
  • frozenlead
    It should probably have the graphics cards on that list too...

    It's just a Clevo derivative notebook. Generally they carry SLI 9800M GTX's. The units carrying the two cards that don't carry i7 (but instead Intel quad cores from the desktop series) also only have about an hour battery life - clearly, the battery life isn't limited by the CPU. This article is kind of misleading.
  • hellwig
    How is this a Core i7 laptop when it comes with a 2 or 4 core Xeon? There are no 2-core i7s yet, none the less nehalem Xeons. And what kind of market is this serving? It weighs 11 pounds, comes with a Xeon processor, and no discrete graphics? I was thinking it might be for LAN parties, but a Xeon and no GPU means this is sort of a portable server, but why?
  • jsloan
    that's no laptop, it's a monster, raid 5! 11.9 pounds, by the time you put it in a bag, ect it will be 15 pounds. i bet it really doesn't even last 1 hour.
  • JMcEntegart
    @roofus: Lawl, that made my day.

    @jsloan: Tell me about it! BEHOLD, THE BEHEMOTH! I actually never thought of that. Spec sheets and press releases are usually overly optimistic about how long the battery lasts. If anyone "invests" in one of these, let me know how long it lasts!
  • No thanks for me too.
    I'm not into gaming on a laptop.
    I wouldn't buy it, even if it only costs $900!
  • cruiseoveride
    Vista users like things like this
  • mdillenbeck
    It really isn't a laptop. Its an all-in-one workstation/server with a built in 1 hour UPS. Sounds reasonable to me - after all, have you ever heard of a laptop with RAID 5 or 8 GB RAM?