Corsair Announces New Dominator Platinum DDR3 Memory

The Dominator series has been Corsair's long running enthusiast brand memory kits. Corsair has taken this series to the next level with the release of its Dominator Platinum DDR3 memory. The new design adds a customizable light bar to the list of exclusive features, which includes patented DHX cooling, Corsair Link support, and hand-screened DRAM ICs to help with its overclocking ability.

Dominator Platinum is available in dual and quad-channel kits with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities, and frequencies up to 2800MHz. Dominator Platinum DDR3 memory is designed to fully exploit the performance potential of the latest Intel and AMD platforms, including the "Ivy Bridge" 3rd generation Intel Core processor family. All Dominator Platinum kits support Intel's latest XMP 1.3 profiles for easy performance tuning.

Its new light bar contains a user-swappable light pipe which lets enthusiasts tailor the lighting color to match their PC lighting and components. Dominator Platinum kits are supplied with a white light pipe, and additional light pipes will be available to purchase in the future.

In addition, the Dominator Platinum memory supports Corsair Link connectivity. This unique Dominator memory feature allows end-users to monitor DRAM temperature and other parametric data. Dominator Platinum memory kits support Corsair AirFlow fans and AirFlow Pro dynamic temperature and activity displays to provide the low temperatures required for stable and reliable overclocks.

Dominator Platinum Line-up:

Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 memory is available now from Corsair's worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers. They are supplied with a limited lifetime warranty and are backed up by Corsair's customer service and technical support.

  • memadmax
    Never did give a crap about lights....
    The last thing I need is someone knowing what I have under the hood and jacking my shit...
    The article was kind of misleading.
    It said stuff about fans when it should have been talking about airflow over the heatsinks...
    Just my 2 cents...
  • amuffin
    Bragging rights? Yes.
    Real World Performance difference? No.
    Price Difference? Yes.
    Worth it? No.
  • blazorthon
    amuffinBragging rights? Yes.Real World Performance difference? No.Price Difference? Yes.Worth it? No.
    Fast RAM is very beneficial in some very prevalent applications, although we all probably know that not everything benefits from faster RAM and in those circumstances, fast RAM would not be worth it. However, that doesn't have an impact on the fact that many people would benefit from very fast RAM for certain usage.
  • Soul_keeper
    Samsung is still the only one using 30nm ICs ?
    It would be nice to see others using 30nm for the high end stuff.
  • bspatial
    not worth it! stop ripping us off.
  • SmaugTD
    Still pretty good clock speeds :/
  • TheBigTroll
    heatspreadeers a bit too tall?
  • s3anister
    john_4The flashy overpriced stuff never makes it in my builds. I like their Power Supplies and they do OK with RAM but I usually wait until I actually go to get the parts for a new rig and then do my comparisons at Newegg.Yeah I've always got the feeling that this kind of product is the thing that high school kids beg about to their parents.

    "MOM. It's got HEATSINKS. BUY IT!"
  • monktongaz
    I always found memory to be the least of my performance problems in PC builds. Hard drives, graphics, even motherboards all affected my performance more than memory. In fact, the only time memory speed was noticed was on a mini server I had with concurrent virtual PCs running.

    Still, if you can afford the price, and must have the latest and greatest, then the specs look good.
  • A Bad Day
    amuffinBragging rights? Yes.Real World Performance difference? No.Price Difference? Yes.Worth it? No.
    Llano, Trinity, and other integrated GPUs would like to share a word with you. Give them enough bandwidth, and not only they'll be the king of the integrated GPUs, but also rival low-mid range dedicated ones as well.

    On a second thought, if one could afford such fast RAM sticks, couldn't they have used the money for a dedicated GPU?...