Digital Storm Claims X17E is World's Fastest Gaming Laptop

California-based Digital Storm is claiming "world's fastest" with the introduction of its new 17-inch gaming laptop, the X17E. Currently its flagship 17-inch laptop, the X17E features either Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680M GPU, or AMD's Radeon 7970M GPU, depending on what team you like to play on. Both models will be available for purchase at the end of September starting at $1,753.

"Whichever GPU gamers select, X17E delivers rich, detailed graphics on the system’s 17-inch display at 1080P HD resolution (1920 x 1080)," the company said on Wednesday. "Digital Storm’s technicians can stably overclock Intel’s latest i7-3920XM CPU to an impressive 4.5 GHz, that when combined with Nvidia’s or AMD’s next-gen GPUs, create an unrivaled gaming experience."

The upcoming portable gaming rig will support up to 32 GB of RAM. It will also come packed with loads of connection options including USB 3.0 ports, eSATA, a 9-in-1 card reader, a Blu-ray optical drive and more. The laptop's keyboard will even sport different lighting zones and up to seven color options. Who needs a Christmas tree this year, right?

"For enthusiasts looking to have the most exclusive gaming system, Digital Storm will be offering a select number of Signature Edition X17Es. The Signature Edition will feature a custom paint job, distinctive branding and special packaging," the company said, adding that pricing for the Signature Edition has not been set at this time.

Digital Storm's current 17-inch gaming laptop starts at $1,495 USD, extending across four models: Good, Better, Best and Ultimate. The Ultimate version starts at $2,698 USD and features base specs consisting of an Intel Core i7 3820QM CPU, 16 GB of 1600 MHz RAM, a 120 GB SSD, a 500 GB HDD, Nvidia's GTX 680M GPU, a 1080p resolution LCD screen, and more.


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  • rahulkadukar
    Has no SLI or Crossfire, still claim to be the fastest in the world.

    Can someone tell these clowns that it is not the 1st of April
  • classzero
    Wow, there is just no pleasing you guys!
  • Other Comments
  • d_kuhn
    I dunno... in my experience mobile versions of cpu's and graphics generally provide pretty poor gaming performance. I kindof expected to find out they'd shoehorned a desktop chipset into the thing (which would give you great gaming performance but likely about 30 seconds of battery life).
  • zeratul600
    it seems cheap to me as a laptop with those specs (8 gb ram)and gadgets (BR) and no solid state and a lower tier gpu cost like 1200