ECS Shows Off New Motherboards and GTX680 Black Series

ECS was at Computex last week with its newly announced GTX680 Black Series graphics card. The GTX680 packs a custom heatsink with two fans and five heatpipes, a little overclock for the GPU (1040MHz), and ECS Nonstop Certification, which indicates the card went through a series of stress tests to ensure reliability. In the rear there's two DVI dual-link, one HDMI port and a DisplayPort.


Also on show was the Z77 Black Extreme Series Golden Limited Edition motherboards. There's two models here, the Z77H2-A2X and the Z77H2-AX, both of which were officially announced back in April. The latter packs support for three PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots, while the Z77H-A2X supports two PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots as well as a mini PCI Express slot. 


Both models also pack two PCI Express 2.0 slots, and two PCI slots to support older add-on cards. They both incorporate Mini PCIe for Smart Response, Smart Connect and Rapid Start technologies. The Z77H2-AX is equipped with eSATA x2 (6Gb) and SATA x6 (6Gb/s x4 + 3Gb/s x2), while the Z77H2-A2X has eSATA x1 (3Gb) with DVI output. Both the Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X models offer Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 x6 and USB 2.0 x6 support, 3-way Nvidia SLI or ATI CrossFire XTM support, EZ charger and 1 Gigabit LAN.

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  • doron
    "Both models also pack two PCI Express 2.0 slots"

    You probably meant 3.0 ;)
  • hellfire24
    that board looks sexy!
  • SirDevon
    Anonymous said:
    "Both models also pack two PCI Express 2.0 slots"

    You probably meant 3.0 ;)

    I think it was supposed to read "PCI Express 2.0 x1 slots". They'd already mentioned the 3.0 x16's