EK Presents GTX Titan Waterblock

EK Water Blocks has released the EK-TC Titan, the same water cooling blocks that Origin PC use for their liquid cooled Titan. The unit comes in four versions, one with a bare copper base, and another that is nickel plated. The top of the casing is made of acrylic or POM metal and buyers can get any combination of the above. The unit does not use a heatsink pad system, but rather requires heat sink paste for increased performance and is designed as a low-resistance cooler that will work with weaker pumps.

The EK-FC Titan can be ordered through web shops for prices from $118.61 to $131.79. It is already available for pre-order from EK's Webshop.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • thecolorblue
    overhyped overpriced card made more expensive with a waterblock

  • uglynerdman
    origin pc knows wtf theyre doing. so i trust that its gonna be superb, personally id like to see tom's stress test it rather than see the naysayers scream on here.
  • vmem
    uglynerdmanorigin pc knows wtf theyre doing. so i trust that its gonna be superb, personally id like to see tom's stress test it rather than see the naysayers scream on here.
    While I agree with your statement, this isn't about the people at Origin PC, EK designed this water block, they're a premiere custom water-cooling company and have been making top of the line waterblocks for years. Origin PC worked with EK and used their waterblock, this is by no means something designed by Origin (especially if you look at EK's past designs)
  • Danger Dan, i miss you.
  • amuffin
    EK Nickel? No thanks!
  • wdmfiber
    If you can keep a GTX Titan cool, GPU boost 2.0 will allow a 106% power draw. So you'll hit the wall at 265 watts, up from 250 watts.

    Good enough to get a score well into the 5000's on 3DMark11 Extreme. And if you then drank enough the score might blurrr into something like 7107.
  • s997863
    expensive baubels like this makes me feel humble. my 4yo 8800gt just failed, & I'm in no hurry to replace since my mobo's got integrated intel graphics & I'm playing old dosbox games for now. In fact, my intel chip's actually better for ufo-gold, baldur's-gate-1 & system-shock-2 than an expenisve geforce with its garbage backwards compatibility/support. I even saw an unopened 3870 for ~50$ after sifting in dusty nooks & crannys of depressed looking shops, but first I've gotta try that crazy baking trick in the oven with my 8800gt :).
  • magicandy
    jupiter optimus maximusDanger Dan, i miss you.
    I think you mean Danger Den, and they never went anywhere: http://www.dangerden.com/
  • blazorthon
    thecolorblueoverhyped overpriced card made more expensive with a waterblock...FAIL
    The water block isn't that expensive for a water block, at least not according to prices that I've seen. Besides, if the card is already so exorbitantly expensive, what's another 10% or so in price for a good water block?
  • vaughn2k
    now the Titan price tag will rise from U$1000, to US$1,200.00