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EVGA Bundling 3DMark Advanced With Its Graphics Cards

Starting on the 4th of March and "until supplies last," EVGA will be providing a free copy of Futuremark's 3DMark Advanced benchmarking suite to users who purchase a select range of its graphics cards.

According to the company, "The new 3DMark includes everything you need to Benchmark your hardware. The latest version of the world’s most popular benchmark is simply called 3DMark to reflect its all-around versatility. Not only is this 3DMark the first in the series to offer cross-platform comparisons, it is also the first to test different Direct3D feature levels within 1 application."

The offer is valid globally for purchases of a GeForce GTX 660, GTX 670, GTX 680, GTX 690 and the GTX Titan. For more information and the specific part numbers included in this offer, view the relevant page on EVGA's website.

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  • lunyone
    Why would I care to have that with my GPU? So I can brag about my scores or some foolishness??
  • shotgunz
    "Starting on the 4th of March"

    In other news, Tom's Hardware continues to be late on releasing news! (Like Crysis 3 benchmarks two weeks after other websites)
  • bull22
    lunyoneWhy would I care to have that with my GPU? So I can brag about my scores or some foolishness??Isn't that the reason the we our GPUs??
  • bull22
    bull22Isn't that the reason the we buy our GPUs??
  • monkeymonk
    Too bad I've already bought my 690.. :/

  • I would rather have a free game, preferably not SimCity!
  • Cryio
    Why would anyone prefer getting 3DMark instead of a game?

    Fuck (EVGA) logic.
  • fl-gators-fan
    It's a nice bundle, but I got the new 3DMark advanced FREE on Facebook from Galaxy after the new 3DMark was released. Galaxy was giving FREE copies away for answering a few questions ;)
  • obsama1
    monkeymonkToo bad I've already bought my 690..
    690 - $1000
    3DMark - $25

    Not that much in comparison.
  • Just ordered a Titan, for $1000 I'll take whatever they throw in with it...