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Enermax Unveils CPU Liquid Coolers

Enermax has revealed the first three models of its ELC liquid cooler series, the ELC120-TB, ELC120-TA and ELC240. Each model features Twister fan bearings which offer reliability and near silent operation. The ELC120-TA stands out in the series with two T.B.Apollish Blue LED fans, while the ELC120-TB and ELC240 models come with T.B.Silence Fans. Each fan has an individually adjustable speed thanks to the new Tri-Cooling functionality.


Each ELC liquid cooler features a closed-loop design made with high quality materials. In order to prevent damage to your system, the tube is made of a tough but flexible material known as Flourinated Ethylene Propylene. Additionally, the pump features a ceramic bearing that will improve stability and noise.

The new ELC120 and ELC240 models from Enermax is expected to be available in the U.S for roughly $89.99 and $120.00, respectively. The CPU coolers will support all current AMD and Intel chips.

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