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No More Facebook or Twitter on Xbox 360 Dashboard

The latest Xbox dashboard update, which is still in the process of rolling out, is conspicuously absent of Facebook and Twitter.

The apps are still functional and available to those who had already downloaded them before the update rolled out. However, users who didn't use the apps pre-update won't be able to download the apps.

Microsoft confirmed the removal of the apps from the dashboard, stating, "We are retiring the Facebook and Twitter apps.

"Xbox Live subscribers will have the ability to access these sites through Internet Explorer on Xbox, available through the Web Hub located on the new dashboard."

Considering the hassle it is to type anything on the Xbox interface, not to mention the fact that users readily have access to Twitter and Facebook via other digital mediums, Microsoft phased out the apps probably due to a lack of popularity. No doubt most Xbox users won't even notice the change.

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