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Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 Delayed Until December

On Monday Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 3 will be released on November 29 in Europe and on December 4 in the U.S. for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Earlier this year, the game was supposedly slated for a September 6 release, as the date was derived from a leaked trailer that eventually found its way onto YouTube.

"To give you more action and insanity, Far Cry3 will now be released November 29th in Europe & December 4 in North America," the publisher also announced on the Far Cry Twitter account. "To make sure we deliver the best experience possible, the development team has been given more time."

"A rushed game remains bad forever," the company added. "Thank you for understanding." Currently the beta seems to be on track although details surrounding its launch reportedly won't be revealed for a while.

Ubisoft's move is interesting given the lineup waiting to hit store shelves this holiday season. With its previous September date, Far Cry 3 seemingly had very little competition, fighting over the consumer dollar with Borderlands 2. But with with a December release, the shooter now faces stiff competition from the likes of Halo 4 and Black Ops II.

Several months ago, five-minute footage originating from a pre-alpha build highlighted some of the game's multiplayer aspects. Several critics pointed out numerous similarities between Far Cry 3 and popular shooter franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield, namely experience points, levels, kill-cam and carpet-bombing air support.

Far Cry 3 will be based on Ubisoft's Dunia 2 game engine, the successor to Far Cry 2's Dunia engine. So far little is known about the new engine.

  • Arls
    I loved FarCry2, I hope this game is just as good.
  • hardcore_gamer
    ArlsI loved FarCry 1, I hope this game is just as good.

  • Arls
    You make a good point...
  • notsleep
    yup...stupid move, ubisoft...dec sales will be owned by halo 4 and cod....which will translate to low sales numbers for fc3...resulting in the last entry of the franchise? :(

    oh, yeah...the movie version sucks balls. :P
  • fancarolina
    Yea after the disappointment that was Farcry 2 vs. the masterpiece of Farcry 1. They can keep pushing back Farcry 3 as long as they want.
  • tstng
    I did not like FC1 very much, but loved FC2. FC3 seems like a good mix of the two. But I was giong to buy a new videocard in september and hoped to use FC3 as a benchmark, but now I dont think I can wait till december and with the exception of the new MoH there wont be any other great looking games to bench.
  • ojas
    Whatever man. As long as it's a finished game at release i'm not complaining.
  • tomhuang03
    The FarCry series was awesome. By far one of the best graphically pleasing games I have played on a console and on a PC.
  • Kryan
    Can somebody explain the correlation between Far Cry 1 and Far Cry 2 to me? and those saying they liked Far Cry 2 more are simply too young to understand how epic Far Cry 1 was at it's release.
  • belardo
    I forgot Farcry2 even came out... is that bad?