Nvidia Lauches the GRID vGPU for Desktop Virtualization

Nvidia’s GRID portfolio of hardware, software, and appliances aims to provide GPU acceleration from data centers to any user. It has now been expanded to enterprise desktop virtualization following the integration GRID vGPUs into Citrix’s XenDesktop 7.

According to the press release, the introduction of HDX GPU sharing and deep compression techniques in XenDesktop 7 will enable users to take advantage of the hosted-shared form of desktop virtualization to deliver rich, graphics-intensive applications. The combination of Citrix XenServer and Nvidia GRID vGPU technology allows customers to efficiently share GPUs across multiple virtual machines.

"With Nvidia GRID vGPU, even the most intensive graphics applications can be delivered by XenDesktop 7," said Bob Schultz, vice president and general manager, Desktops and Applications Group at Citrix. "Now businesses can provide their users with the performance that they expect and need for engineering, design and video applications, while centrally securing and managing valuable intellectual property and sensitive information."

Nvidia’s GRID vGPU technology is currently being demonstrated at Citrix Synergy being held in Anaheim, California with general availability of the technology coming later this year.

  • saymi
    This is cheap and efficient computing. Future desktop deployment solution for companies in my opinion. I am waiting VMware's move now. Citrix still is not considered a big player in serious bussiness tough but their effort brings synergy to industry.
  • agnickolov
    Hmm, good news from Wednesday. I saw it live from the horse's (e.g. Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang) mouth at the Citrix Synergy keynote.
  • pckitty4427