Gigabyte's X79-UD3 With New F7 BIOS Sets X79 Records

Earlier on, reports surfaced around the Web that certain Gigabyte X79-based motherboards were having hardware issues that, in some cases, could lead to failure. Gigabyte reached out to us to refute that claim, clarifying that the issue was limited to its firmware, which could be easily fixed via a BIOS update.

To further prove its claims that all is well across its X79 line, consisting of the G1.Assassin 2, GA-X79-UD7, GA-X79-UD5 and GA-X79-UD3, Gigabyte passed along results demonstrating an Intel Core i7-3930K overclocked with a 57x multiplier running on a GA-X79-UD3 with Kingston HyperX Genesis PC3-19200 2 GB x 4 (@ 2376 MT/s) and a Corsair AX1200 PSU.

Overclocker "Hicookie", equipped with the recently-issued F7 BIOS and liquid nitrogen cooling, was able to push to a frequency of 5643.3 MHz, producing record scores for the Super Pi 1M and 32M and PiFast benchmarks. Check out Hicookie's most recent records on HWBot for the numbers and the video below of the overclock in action.

Hicookie's Intel Core i7 3930K Overclock on Gigabyte X79-UD3