Google Sends Invites For Android Event on October 29

Google has issued invitations to an Android-themed media event due to be held on October 29.

While no other information or hints were divulged in the invitation image, it does say, "The playground is open."

The aforementioned date does, however, coincide with rumored announcement event of LG and Google's next Nexus smartphone. In addition, a prototype was leaked earlier this month of a Nexus phone that will be manufactured by Sony. The ‘Nexus X’ features a Google logo plastered on its back.

The Android event will take place a week after Windows 8 launches, as well as the announcement of Google's Nexus 7's forthcoming competitor, the iPad Mini.

Google may use the event to finally confirm the highly-rumored Nexus 7 32GB model, in addition to a $99 option of the tablet.


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  • ejb222
    Hmmm...this happens to be on the same date that MS reveals Windows Phone 8 in San Fran. Nice planning Google >:( Couldn't pick one of the other 30 days available in October or maybe the 30 more in November? You may be trying to out do MS but now you've created travel issues for would be attendies who will be in SF. Not cool
  • dalethepcman
    so ipad mini, ipad, windows phone 8, nexus phone and tablets, windows 8 all in the same week? going to be a busy week for bloggers / journalists.
  • g00fysmiley
    so much competition going on ... its a good time to be a consumer :) i hope they do pop out a $99 tablet at that point ever body who has not gotten a tablet yet who could afford it would probably get one and if it is a nexus they get ap money from the google play store. well done if that is it google well done.