iPad Mini Event Rumored for October 23

Despite the fact that Apple just announced the newest iPad six months ago, the rumor mill has been churning out iPad mini rumors for months. Yesterday brought us photos of the device in question and today there are reports that Apple is planning a media event to launch the tablet later this month.

All Things D reports that the iPad mini launch event is 'likely' to take place on October 23. John Paczkowski cites people familiar with Apple's plans that say the company will unveil the Pad mini at an event scheduled for October 23. Though this is a Tuesday (and not the usual Wednesday, like previous Apple events), Paczkowski points out that it's three days before the launch of Microsoft's Surface (October 26, the same day as Windows 8) and two days before Apple is due to report earnings for the most recent quarter.

That week is shaping up be a pretty big one for tech. If this iPad mini event comes to fruition, there'll be the iPad mini, Windows 8, the Microsoft Surface (along with a deluge of other Windows 8 tablets/ultrabooks), Windows Phone 8 the following Monday and the rumored launch of the new Nexus handset.

*Image Credit: @SonnyDickson

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  • el33t
    Damn Apple! Now they are eyeing the 7" tablet market... It's time for the makers of Nexus 7 Tab, Galaxy Tab 7" etc. to rev up their guns for an upcoming battle..
  • nieur
    It will be second consecutive apple product not fulfilling investors expectations.
  • snotling
    nieurIt will be second consecutive apple product not fulfilling investors expectations.

    Nah, people will buy it. what's bad for apple is that it will dig in their future iPad "maxi" sales.

    I still think/hope they will not launch a iPad Mini and the event is about something different.