DisplayLink Reveals USB 3.0 to HDMI Adapter

winstars usb 2.0 to hdmi adapterwinstars usb 2.0 to hdmi adapterTuesday during the Intel Developers Forum, DisplayLink introduced the latest Winstars adapter that pumps desktop or laptop graphics across the USB interface to a connected external display. This particular model featured an HDMI connection on one end, and a USB 3.0 connection on the other.

"Winstars is set to deliver a very well-timed connectivity solution that builds on the inherent performance benefits of SuperSpeed USB 3.0," said Dennis Crespo, DisplayLink executive vice president of marketing and business development. "DisplayLink adds on the ability to stream high resolution video and enriched audio over the common connection and with the Winstars USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter, consumers will be able to enjoy a quality PC to HDTV entertainment experience."

The key component in the USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter will be Winstars' DL-3500 chip. According to the company, it's capable of high-performance SuperSpeed USB virtual graphics and will allow consumers to use an HDTV monitor in either mirror mode or extended mode, at resolutions up to 2560 x 1600. Even more, the adapter will promise to deliver ultra-low latency, smooth window and cursor movement, and full support for full-screen 3D games and video playback. It will even sport 2.1/5.1 channel audio and auto-sensing hot plug support.

Of course, if a desktop or laptop already has an HDMI-out port, the adapter may not be required. Still, for those looking to expend their virtual desktop, Winstars currently offers a similar HDMI adapter for USB 2.0 ports (seen above), a USB 2.0 to YPBPR adapter (component), and even a USB 2.0 to DVI adapter capable of up to 1920 x 1080.

The USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter shown at the Intel Developers Forum is "ready for the next generation of Intel CPUs and USB 3.0-ready systems" according to DisplayLink, and will be released "soon" for an unspecified price.

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  • sgtopmobile
    useless, who the FUC* will have USB 3.0 in a laptop or PC but no HDMI???
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  • Anonymous
    because HDMI cant do audio we plonked these here RCA ports..... !?#@*
  • sgtopmobile
    useless, who the FUC* will have USB 3.0 in a laptop or PC but no HDMI???
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    sgtopmobileuseless, who the FUC* will have USB 3.0 in a laptop or PC but no HDMI???

    Hmm, interesting... you're probably right, I haven't seen a single device like that. Still, it's good to see there ARE adapters for pretty much everything nowadays - I remember the old days when you would be stuck with one type of port until you trash the device.