Haswell Processor Spotted with GT3e IGP and eDRAM

VR-Zone has spotted what appears to be an Intel Haswell processor fitted with a GT3e "Crystal Well" integrated video processor (IGP), a special variant of the GT3 that includes a form of L4 cache memory known as embedded DRAM (eDRAM) that is intended to compete with chips such as Nvidia's GeForce GT 650M. Though the size of the eDRAM is presently unknown, we've so far heard reports from Fudzilla that suggests a 64 MB L4 cache and Hardware.info that places it at either 64 MB or 128 MB. 

The GT3e IGP will feature the same 40 GPU cores as seen on the GT3, so it can be expected to deliver roughly twice the performance of Intel's current HD 4000 series graphics cards. According to VR-Zone, it will only be available soldered onto BGA socket "performance" processors intended for quad-core 55W notebooks and All-In-One desktops.

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  • tipoo
    Hmm, laptops that fit that TDP typically have enough space for a discreet GPU anyways, seems like this is missing the market that would benefit from it most. Namely, 13 inch laptops typically with 35W processors.
  • unknown9122
    Wow Toms has been really late on this news. I saw this article on another site like 2 days ago.
  • InvalidError
    10674370 said:
    Hmm, laptops that fit that TDP typically have enough space for a discreet GPU anyways
    Space is relative. Not having a discrete GPU still saves PCB space, parts count, power and the need to accommodate another thermal load.

    As long as GT3e is priced right and performs reasonably well when compared against whatever discrete solution that could fit within GT3e's power and price premium, it is a win-win for people who want a reasonably capable laptop/AiO but are not particularly interested in discrete graphics... and I suspect this category has a much larger potential customer base than enthusiast-oriented setups.
    I just bought an asus with an i7 and 650m for 800. I wonder if this will be cheaper and smaller form fitting. This with APUs could really push the mobile market. I am already impressed by the 680m and 7970m. They equal 570s , I had a 570 it was a solid performer!
  • SuperGamerBoy
  • lpedraja2002
    While its great that they keep making IGP's perform better I doubt this one will match a GT650m considering how lackluster the performance of the GT2 was according to this Tom's review: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/core-i7-4770k-haswell-performance,3461-6.html
  • g00fysmiley
    cool, increased graphics power for the on chip graphics is always a good thing, nice to see that amd's grpahics on chip superiority is causing intel do do some real improvments in the area.. it isn't going to replace stand alone graphics modules in laptops or cards in desktops but it'd be nice to buy a cheap laptop with a decent gpu in chip and be able to do low res or low setting gaming if it makes its ways into low $ laptops
  • InvalidError
    10676775 said:
    it isn't going to replace stand alone graphics modules in laptops or cards in desktops
    Since most PCs and laptops are not used for gaming, GT3e will at the very least substantially raise the bar on what IGPs are good-enough for.

    Looking at this GT3e demo:

    Seems like GT3e will be good enough for a fair amount of gaming.
  • sonofliberty08
    looks like they r stealing nvidia tech and the "GT" naming