A Peek at Our Elves for the 2010 Holiday Guides

The holidays are supposed to be for bonding with loved ones, eating a lot of food and spending time doing the things that make you happy. Still, there's one all-out awful part of the holidays and that's the holiday shopping. Sure, giving gifts is great – there's nothing better than seeing something you picked out be received so well. Unfortunately, procuring those presents is often very far down on people's lists of favorite pastimes.

In an effort to make this chore a little less traumatic, we've been putting together some handy-dandy guides to ease you through the purchasing process. As you all know, our guides offer a little something for every breed of gadget lover, from the hardcore enthusiast to the casual gadget fan who's just started taking an interest in all things electronic.

Of course, at the heart of these lovingly handcrafted guides (you know, aside from the hours of research, writing, editing and planning), are the beautiful models we have on hand to show off the products in question. Here's a little sneaky-peeky at this year's mystery maidens. Hand-picked by our own Devin Connors (his job is really very difficult at times), their identities will be revealed very soon. So, stay tuned for more from these lovely ladies and, of course, the guides themselves!

  • Wish Santa would grant me those elves for xmas
  • jskilnyk
    I have no complaints about those elves. :D
  • angryfingertips
    Wow the first one almost looks like Erin Andrews...
  • renami9
    forget the presents, this year i want those elves.
  • ben850
    lol @ that second one
  • redleafcorkin
    I'm voting for Jane to be one of the models this year. How about it Jane? Can we bribe you into it?
  • JMcEntegart
    redleafcorkinI'm voting for Jane to be one of the models this year. How about it Jane? Can we bribe you into it?
    It's too late, we've already put the costumes away! Sorry. :)
  • chispas
    The last two look as though they really need money for drugs.
  • rohitbaran
    The first one looks like Ali Larter.
  • Albyint
    Santa crossed me off his list, I've been naughty this year ;-)