New Humble Bundle Launches in Time for Christmas

PC gamers worldwide are clutching their wallets in agony from Steam sales and the folks at Humble Bundle have decided to be just as ruthless as Valve.

Shortly after the success of the THQ bundle, which raked in $5 million in sales, Humble Bundle has decided to launch Humble Bundle 7.

The THQ bundle incited the ire of some buyers, who were used to Humble Bundles being DRM-free. Those angry buyers should be somewhat mollified to know that Humble Bundle 7 takes after the tradition of the others, and is packed full of DRM-free indie titles.

Customers will receive Snapshot, The Binding of Isaac and its DLC Wrath of the Lamb, Closure, Shank 2, and the film Indie Game: The Movie for buying the bundle. Paying above the average will yield them Dungeon Defenders + DLC and Legend of Grimrock. The soundtracks for all of the games are also included in the bundle as an added bonus.

As usual, customers can decide where they want their money to go, be it to the developers, the Humble Bundle folk, or charity (Child's Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation.)

Humble Bundle 7 is available to purchase at the official site.

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  • bawchicawawa
    Binding. Of. Isaac. So cray.
  • so far steam sales have been mediocre at best. High five amazon, and GOG.
  • NuclearShadow
    I love the humble bundle so much because of so many reasons. But mainly because it goes to show it doesn't take being giant to make a difference. I already own everything I wish to own this time around but I'll gift a few to friends.
  • sliem
    Bought this already. $6 for 6 games, why not?
    However, this news is old.
  • bak0n
    Steam is running sales right now that are decent.
  • abbadon_34
    Nothing can compare to the THQ offer. The bar has been set high, it may never be reached again.
  • drwho1
    I personally prefer GOG games.
  • getreal
    None of these games are worth paying for.
  • alidan
    getrealNone of these games are worth paying for.
    dungeon defenders is a good game, and this has all of the dlc too so its a 50$ value.
    the base game can get you about 80 hours of enjoyment, and if you can put up with how broken nightmare is, you could pull about 500+ hours out of the game easily.

    snapshot appears to be interesting, and grimrock is very good especially if you like making levels.
  • getreal you can go to hell, Dungeon Defenders is worth $100