Leaked Slide Shows Intel Haswell Set for March-June 2013

Intel is set to launch its new Ivy Bridge processor in April 2012 and will make the move to 22 nm on LGA 1155. It will feature faster integrated graphics controller, lower TDP, higher clock speeds and overclocking ceiling with the 22 nm process. Right around the corner, Intel is set to release its "tock" strategy with the Ivy Bridge successor, codename Haswell.

    Image Leaked by DonanimHaberImage Leaked by DonanimHaber

A road-map slide leaked by DonanimHaber shows Haswell is set to release in around the March to June 2013 time-frame. Haswell is based on Intel's new CPU architecture that replaces the unreleased Ivy Bridge. Haswell looks to be based on the new LGA 1150 socket, which will not be compatible with either the LGA 1155 or LGA 2011 sockets. It will be based on the tri-gate 22 nm manufacturing process, similar to Ivy Bridge. Haswell is expected to have Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2), DX11.1, OpenGL 3.2, Thunderbolt, Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX) and Windows 8 support.

To learn more details on the up coming Ivy Bridge and Haswell, join in on our discussions over at our forum.

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  • vitornob
    Seeing a slide like that make me think that hitting a dead body is kind of useless..

    Today AMD have troubles to keep general performace with the current Sandy-Bridge. Ivy-Bridge will be better and it's coming.. in less than a year and half will be an Ivy-Bridge upgrade?

    AMD really need to run at fast pace. really fast..
  • BruceOTB
    Competing with intel on the highend space isn't on amd's shortlist.
  • TheViper
    Isn't Ivy Bridge a "Tock" and Haswell a new" Tick"?