Prices For LCD Monitor Panels To Fall By 30-45% Soon, Says DisplaySearch


As in past Crystal Cycles, surging investment in new fab capacity is providing LCD panel buyers with the ability to drive prices down as panel suppliers become eager to sell their output. According to DisplaySearch, in the prior major cycle, the average PC monitor panel price fell at an annual rate of 50% from the second quarter of 2004 to the first quarter of 2005. Market indicators suggest the average selling price (ASP) of monitor panels may fall at a 30% to 45% annual rate in June and July 2008.The pace of price declines may slow after the summer.

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  • kman7607
    I guess I will wait to purchase my monitor now! Hopefully this holds true.
  • Well, it does say that prices are decreasing at those rates annually, so don't expect prices to drop much more than a few percent each month...I was thinking of waiting too, but a deal on a refurbished monitor is a deal now or in the future...Don't forget that an increased monitor(to 24") increases prductivity by as much as 30%....that kind of time/cost savings & increased productivity will pay for any 4% monthly decline in price. Just a thought
  • dragunover
    Still won't be able to buy that NEC 30 inch LCD screen with pivoting adjustments for less than a price of a kick-ass computer itself.