Lenovo Brings Haswell to ThinkPad T440s Ultrabook

Lenovo has published a webpage on its online shot showing off the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s Ultrabook. As the name indicates, it is one from the new generation, and according to the webpage, features Intel's 4th generation of Core processors, codename "Haswell." It remains unknown what CPU models we will be able to choose from, as the specifications page is still listed as "Coming Soon." Regardless, this is the first sighting of a Haswell-based notebook from the company's professional ThinkPad lineup, and is thus something over which a number of us can get very excited.

The laptop will feature two options for screens: either a 1600 x 900 pixel display, or a full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel display, both of which will be IPS displays featuring nearly 180 degree viewing angles, and both measure 14" diagonally. Other features include NFC communication, the renown Lenovo Precision Keyboard, an ultra-durable construction, and the Power Bridge Battery feature.

The Power Bridge Battery feature is particularly interesting, as it allows users to swap out the laptop's external battery, and replace it with another one without having to power down the laptop. According to Lenovo, the laptop will feature two batteries in the standard configuration. Firstly, the laptop will have a built-in 3-cell battery, which is good for a total of up to six hours of battery life. Secondly, the laptop has an external battery, an almost identical 3-cell battery, likely also good for another six hours of battery life. The long battery life is made possible through the innovations made by Intel with the new Haswell CPUs, which are a lot more efficient when running idle or with very low loads.

There was no official word on when the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s would be officially released, but with the feature list finished and images provided, we can't imagine that the launch is too far away.

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  • rozz
  • bmwman91
    FINALLY! A Thinkpad with a screen that isn't made of garbage. I am still rocking a T60p (w/ T61p mobo, C2E X9000, various other mods) and have been waiting for a worthy replacement. The crap screens that Lenovo has been using since 2007 have put me off, but I can't stand the keyboards on other laptops. I was skeptical about the chiclet keyboard that Lenovo switched to, but my X230 at work has it and it is actually better than the classic ones, amazingly. I am also a sucker for the track-point / nipple mouse.
  • halcyon
    Looks good enough for government work.