Amazon's LoveFilm Signs Nickelodeon Agreement

Though it's been in the UK a lot longer than streaming giant Netflix, Amazon-owned LoveFilm knows that it needs to keep growing its service if it intends to compete against such a big name. The company today announced a brand new deal with Viacom that will give users access to Nickelodeon as well as MTV and Comedy Central.

According to Crave, LoveFilm is keeping quiet about specific shows covered by the new deal, instead promising to talk more about those details at a later stage. Still, snagging content from such a well-renowned kids' TV network as well as MTV, which is known for its popular reality TV shows, will no doubt boost LoveFilm's portfolio. Especially since Netflix UK and IRL just announced a Disney deal back in mid-May.

LoveFilm was purchased by Amazon in 2011, almost 10 years after the company was founded. The company operates in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. It's not clear if this new content from Viacom will also be available to LoveFilm customers outside of the United Kingdom.

  • Stimpack
    That's right, watch all of your hot and spicy Nickelodeon action here on LoveFilm!
  • Spooderman
    MTV should NOT be watched by kids. It used to be actual MUSIC, if you can believe that. Now, it's utter garbage. Pregnant at 15. Oh please, give me a break.