Guild Wars 2 Will Extend into Apple, Android Apps

Earlier in the month it was reported that developer ArenaNet was working on applications--aka The Extended Experience for Apple's trio of iOS 4 gadgets and Android-based smartphones--that would have direct access to the upcoming MMOG, Guild Wars 2. Now the official website offers more details on what those applications actually offer for players away from the PC.

According to Rick Ellis, Tech Director at ArenaNet, the applications--termed as "extensions"--allow players to participate and contribute to the game in "relatable and interesting ways" without the need for a PC. These apps will retrieve information from the game and push data into the game in real time thanks to a specially-constructed high-speed connection to the Guild Wars 2 server and database architecture.

Ellis' update referred back to the PAX 2010 demonstration that showed a real-time world map on the iPad and iPhone. The user could watch friends and guild members move around in the game and see dynamic events--in real-time--as they became active. "We showed that users have the ability to chat instantly with anyone on their friends list. It’s the two-way connection with our servers that makes it possible to chat between a mobile device, located anywhere in the world, and in-game players," he said.

In addition to the real-time coverage, the world map demonstration also showed the locations of all points of interest, teleport locations, visible lore locations, and the locations of all vendors and trainers, even if they were moving in the world. The user could also scroll, zoom in and out of the map, and then move back to the selected character even if he/she moved off-screen.

Ellis said that users will also be able to tap a location on the map that triggers a radar ping on the in-game mini-map and world map. "This is a great feature to help less-experienced friends and guildies learn their way around the Guild Wars 2 world," he said. Users will also be able to check out character stats, equipment, achievements and more. Details equipment stats will also be available such as original location, a specific event, a certain boss, or other relative information.

To learn more about the Guild Wars 2 apps, read the update here.

  • RazberyBandit
    Just when you thought game addictions couldn't get any worse, now game addicts can get their fix anywhere...
  • tsnorquist
    ArenaNet makes some great games (Guild Wars , City of Heroes, Guild Wars 2). Looks like an useful app for Guild Wars fans.
  • FriendlyFire
    City of Heroes was made by Cryptic Studios.

    But that doesn't take any thunder off from ArenaNet's prowesses :)
  • dEAne
    invasion of the guilds wars
  • molo9000
    Now the nerds will come out of their basements and infest the surface.
  • theoutbound
    Wow, ArenaNet is consistently adding value to Guild Wars. It may not have the same player numbers as other MMO's, but the lack of subscription fees and these types of improvements make it a great choice. Thumbs up for the developers.
  • impaledmango
    First of all this is old news. People new about this back in PAX. Also it's only talking to your friends/guild mates and seeing where they are in the world map aswell as managing your auction trading. It isn't gonna be that big of deal unlesss your someone who is addicted to social networks and needs another one to always follow up on!
  • wribbs
    Guild Wars is probably my favorite game ever and while I don't really see this being something I'd use it doesn't surprise me that ArenaNet is being so innovative. The game is a technical masterpiece and I'm sure GW2 will be amazing. Maybe more of the traditional MMOtards will convert this time around, though it's unlikely because the game requires some level of skill.
  • cronik93
    I wonder who rated all the comments low?
  • back_by_demand
    cronik93I wonder who rated all the comments low?Obviously some insecure World Of Warcraft player kid who is threatened by the existance of an MMO that doesn't charge a monthly fee.