MSI Reveals GX70 AMD Gaming Notebook

The GX70 is the next in the series of gaming Notebooks from MSI, succeeding the GX60 released only a few months ago. The new notebook features a new and improved AMD A10-5750M Quad Core Processor, rated to be approximately 10-15% faster than the APU found in the GX60. Other areas of improvement include a larger 17.3" 1920x1080 full HD display, AMD Radeon 8970M Graphics, an optional 128GB SSD and either a 500GB or 750GB hard drive. The GX70 supports up to 32GB of 1600MHz DDR3L memory. 

The GX70 still offers Eyefinity triple-display output support and is equipped with a Killer Gaming networking card and a Steelseries gaming keyboard. Other media features include two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an HD Webcam, SD card reader, 1 HDMI port and MSI Audio Boost. The laptop weighs about 3.9Kg (8.5lbs) with the battery.  The gaming notebooks runs on Windows 8 out of the box.

Because MSI claims that the new GX70 is "recommended for Crysis 3" the new notebook includes a limited Crysis 3 Bundle, so users can put to the test the latest AMD HD8970M card and AMD A10 5750M APU.

No MSRP on the MSI GX70 has been released yet, but we can expect fully-equipped models to enter the price range of about $1500.

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  • thomaseron
    I wouldn't mind having this laptop. :-)
  • shahrooz
    nice, but I would like to see some benchs
  • fudoka711
    Tom's already did a full benchmark analysis of the previous version of this. Pretty sick stuff in that one already for just $1200. For a fully loaded $1500 lappy, this should be amazing.