MSI's Master Overclocking Arena 2011 Live

Earlier today, MSI began pushing the limits of their "Big Bang-XPower" series Motherboards. Bringing together the world's finest overclockers, the event has been filled with suspense and anxiety as the world's greatest overclockers push the envelope with overclocking.

The teams were given the following hardware to use but were given the ability to use whichever cooling method would yield better benchmark results. The most popular and effective method being used is liquid nitrogen.

-MSI Big Bang-XPower Motherboard
-Intel® Core™ i7-980X Processor Extreme Edition
-MSI N580GTX Graphics Card
-Patriot Viper II Sector 7 Series Memory Kit
-Western Digital VelociRaptor HD
-Antec CP-1000 Power Supply
-Tt eSPORTS CHALLENGE Pro Gaming Keyboard
-Tt eSPORTS BLACK Gaming Mouse

[6:20] With an hour and 30 minutes left in the competition, Three USA Teams are in the lead. In third place trailing closely behind second place is Team Over the Edge. Second place Team PURE is trying desperately to catch up with the incredible first place team, OCAlliance. About ten minutes ago OCAlliance broke the 9000 mark and is still running stable! And yes.. there were many "It's over 9000!!!!" jokes made.

As of 6:20, here are the top 3 scores

Team OCAlliance: 9047
Team PURE: 8868
Team Over the Edge: 8849

BTW: These top three scores have already broken world records... and you can expect these numbers to go up even higher as we approach the end of the contest.

[6:45] History is being made here at the Pole Position Raceway. Before today, MSI was under the radar with its overclocking and stability capabilities vastly underestimated. The #1 Team at MOA, Team OCAlliance is proving to the entire world that MSI's Big Bang-XPower Motherboards are a force to be reckoned with.

Clocking in at a world record shattering and awe provoking 3DMark 11 score of 9143, Team OCAlliance leaves the rest of the competition in the dust. How much further will they be able to push their system?

[7:15] With still 35 minutes left in the competition, Team OCAlliance is continuing to push the boundaries of overclocking. Keeping their strong lead in first place, OCAlliance has now reached a 3DMark 11 score of 9213.

In second place, Team Over the Edge is at a 3DMark 11 score of 8877, losing to third place, Team PURE's 8938. However, Over the Edge's Super PI 32M score is at an impressive 6 min 26 sec, beating both OCalliance and PURE's scores.

[7:30] With nearly 20 minutes left in the competition, the pressure is on for Team Over the Edge and Team PURE as they continue to push their configurations to the limit in order to knock OCAlliance off of their throne. Regardless of who walks away with the champion title, these three teams, as well as the other teams in the competition have shown the world that MSI is not playing games when it comes to overclocking.

With an overall score of 158.69%, OCAlliance is keeping their lead with Over the Edge now trailing closely behind at 156.36%, Team PURE is still in third place with a score of 154.51%

[7:40] Only 10 minutes remaining in the contest and MSI has hit the racetrack! Tune into the live stream to check out the go kart racing that is going on in the background of this intense overclocking competition.

[7:55] We have our champions! Team OCAlliance, will be walking away as champions of MSI's Master Overclocking Arena 2011 Competition. Holding stable all day, OCAlliance ended the competition with a 3DMark 11 score of 9213 andbeating the competition by almost 300 points. As champions of the Las Vegas competition, OCAlliance will be heading to Taipei, Taiwan to battle for the official title of Master Overclocker.

[8:10] MSI is now raffling off some awesome prizes including the latest Nvidia GTX graphics cards and even MSI's record breaking Big Bang-Xpower Motherboard. If you like free stuff and vegas, you might want to drop by next year!

To check the live updating scoreboard, head on over here.

To watch the live video stream, check out

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    That was pretty cool. I was 'laptopoverclocker' on the chat
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    I watched some of it. Pretty cool. Those guys were intent.