Mass Effect 3 Case Mod Matches Your Razer Gear

Earlier this year, Razer announced a line of Mass Effect 3-themed peripherals including the ME 3 Imperator and the ME 3 BlackWidow Ultimate. Apparently Case Mod Blog star David Lane must've liked this idea because this may be the sexiest Mass Effect 3 case mod there is.

Sporting an iconic black and red color scheme with a generous amount of Di-Noc carbon fiber, David transformed his NZXT Switch 810 into the ultimate futuristic case. The mod features a fully customized EK watercooling system with a 420mm radiator mounted up top and a 280mm radiator mounted on the bottom.

Underneath the hood of David's Mass Effect Mod is:

CPU : intel i7 – 2700k @ 5 Ghz 8 threads ( have benched it on water at 5.3ghz)
Motherboard : AsRock Fatality Pro Z68 Gen 3
Memory : 4 Gig Corsair Dominator Gt’s 2133c9 @ 2154 MHz 1T
GPU’s: x2 Powercolor (Reference) 6970′s in Crossfire @ 950/1450
PSU: NZXT Hale 90 1000w
SSD’s: x2 128 gig Plextor  M3 Pro Series SSD Drives.
Case : Modded NZXT Switch 810 ( Black)
Other: Antec Veris to power Pc on and of with remote plus more.
Lighting : From Mod/Smart & EK
3M Carbon Fiber Di-noc: 2′ x 10′ sponsored by Mnpctech & atxpcrepair 

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  • halcyon
    Pretty tight looking mod. Now its time to get those GPU's updated. :)
  • youssef 2010
    Incredible looking case
  • monsta
    Nice job ... love the colour theme too.....better than most gaming case mods out there that look like tacky add ons.