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MechWarrior Online's Founder's Program Highly Successful

Though MechWarrior Online is still in closed beta, with an expected release date targeting somewhere at the end of 2012, its ingenious preorder deal, dubbed the Founder's Program, has already managed to rake in a pile of cash.

Said pile of cash is a figure hovering somewhere around $5 million.

The Founder's Program allows players to pay for different packs of in-game goodies, ranking from Veteran ($30) to Legendary ($120). These packs include MCs unique from the other in-game currency C-bills in that they can be earned exclusively through real currency exchange. Dropping money on the Founder's Program endows players with other benefits, including special forum tags, Founder's Mechs, and access to the closed beta.

Though the Founder's Program was an unconventional way to raise capital to support MechWarrior Online, it's managed to make MechWarrior Online somewhat unique from other free-to-play titles.

Infinite Game, MechWarrior Online's publisher, will used the funding to continue supporting MechWarrior Online.

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