EU: Microsoft Promises Not to Block Other Browsers in Win 8

European Commissioner Joaquin Almunia told Reuters that Microsoft's Steve Ballmer is taking the issue "very, very" seriously and that the company is "taking measures" so that other browser makers are not prevented from being part of the new Windows 8 operating system. Apparently, some companies had complained that IE's rivals were blocked from running under Windows 8.

There appears to be no issue of an installation capability, but the more problematic complaint is the notion that Windows does not provide rival browser makers with full access to APIs for the integration in Windows 8. Given Microsoft's direction, it is much more essential to the browser integration that certain features are supported, rather than the issue of being prevented from an installation itself.

It will also be critical for browser makers to support a rich, hardware-accelerated UI of web apps. Microsoft has been fine tuning the acceleration capability of IE since the release of the first preview versions of IE9 in March of 2010.

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  • sylvez
    .. all these are happening while Apple is denying apps from running in the background in their iOS.
  • acyuta
    So typical of out of `useful' work EU bureaucrats, when they should be thinking about ways to not make the global economy tank further.

    As to this specific issue, all browsers used by me in win 8 install and work as faultlessly as in win 7. This includes Firefox, chrome and opera. Would be interesting to know the name of the company which has complained that (a) win 8 users want their browser (b) and cannot install it.
  • ohim
    I have Win 8 RC installed and there`s no issue concerning other browsers ... funny that they don`t touch Apple for being a closed circuit OS... I fukin hate these judges. Funny thing is that the full screen version of the IE works better than the other browsers, but i still use Opera.
  • mapesdhs
    acyuta wrote:
    > So typical of out of `useful' work EU bureaucrats, when they should be thinking about ways to
    > not make the global economy tank further.

    Global economies are in a mess because for two decades individuals, companies and govts happily
    spent trillions they never had. That has nothing to do with the staff who work for EU institutions.
    Look at the national debts of Greece, US, UK, Spain, Italy, etc., and the private debts too (very large
    in the UK, more than a trillion). Nothing to do with the EU.

    Re the browsers, good to hear you were able to use them ok, but I'll be sticking with Win7.


  • tomfreak
    Sticking with windows 7 unless they force DirectX 12 win 8 only.
  • back_by_demand
    Why is this even an issue, Microsoft has never blocked any other browser on any of it's versions of Windows ever
    OK, maybe it has IE pre-installed but actively preventing another browser installation? Never
  • Pherule
    I don't want my browser to be "fully integrated" with the OS. This is the main reason I don't use IE any more (aside from the fact that it sucks)
  • back_by_demand
    PheruleI don't want my browser to be "fully integrated" with the OSYou mean like Chrome?
  • Are they talking about RT?
  • jaquith
    Okay, I garnered so far: Apple hate, Economy in shambles, and someone loves Win 8.

    I have no doubt Microsoft will comply with laws, and if they don't they're stupid and cannot learn from their past.

    Until some developers and sites quit Active X I'm stuck with IE to access those critical sites - no choice.