Laptop Hunters: Lauren 2 and Her Mom Buy a Dell

Today’s happy shopper is Lauren and her mom, Sue. Lauren is about to go to law school and is looking for a laptop with portability and a decent battery life for under $1,700. From the get go Lauren is, of course, spoiled for choice at her local Best Buy.

She spends a couple of minutes checking out the PCs and then beelines for the Apple section, telling her mother, “We haven’t looked at the Macs yet.” Lauren is disappointed to see that “This Mac is $2,000 and that’s before adding anything.”

Lauren’s mother chimes in with, “Why would you pay twice the price?” to which her daughter replies confidently, “I wouldn’t.”

The soon to be law student settles on a PC and surprisingly, it’s not an HP. The girl eventually picks out a Dell XPS 13a with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB of RAM, a 320 GB HDD, and an $899 price tag.


All in all, it (similar to Apple’s Get a Mac ads) follows the same formula as the previous commercials in the series - but check it out and let us know what you think!

  • gamerjames
    Apple can't say anything back to that
  • gamerjames
    They might try that "Macs don't get viruses" but then they'd be lieing
  • doomtomb
    It's alright
  • kelfen
    apple would be lieing under there breath if they said anthing back cuz they got nothing
  • gamerjames
    ^ Lying i meant
  • tenor77
    Dude you're getting a Dell.

    I always thought MS should do a spoof on Mac's commercials.

    PC going off on Mac, calling him an ass. I can see Peter Griffin as PC.

    "You know what? **** you Mac, I'm getting sick of you. I'm going to go play Left 4 Dead. Oh what's that? You can't play it? Sucks to be you"
  • matt2k

    that'd make for great entertainment

    havent yet seen these commercials... but a dell??
  • Apple should release another ad that mocks PC users for using PCs. Maybe then I'll switch.
  • Regulas
    Not a bad machine for the price, drop Vista and install Linux and she will be good to go.
  • rsud
    Yea, there's no room for aesthetics of course. 95% of folks eat at applebee or the like and are very happy with the "food".

    I own several windows laptops (lenovo t60p, dell d600, etc), windows desktop and one macbook.

    What I like about the macbook:
    - small and light and easy to move around when being used on ones, well.., lap top - windows laptop are heavier and more mechanically klutzy or just look snazzy for the stupid
    - better battery life. My lenovo with an extended battery lasts longer but it weighs about 4lbs more.
    - sleek and smooth case, better feel - most windows laptops have edges, and bottoms that are not smooth with connectors, can snag clothing, etc.
    - user interface more intuitive hardware works - with iLife I crank out dvds from from my camcorder. with windows and various software and using a windows desktop I was never been able to put out a single dvd. always hit some snag or strange error or hang or got a coaster.
    - I am over needing to build my own PCs - computers should now be tools and easy to use. I don't build my car either (anymore :-) ).

    I also pay more to eat at places that don't serve canned or frozen food.

    So if you are cheap enjoy your windows (I still use windows, but being cheap is not my only quality). For me at least both companies are out there to provide competition and push tech forward. And its amusing how vehment the windows fan folks are. Whats to be afraid of? Or are you folks worried and trying justifying your pre-conceptions?