Microsoft: Windows 7 ''XP Mode'' Finalized

Microsoft announced earlier today that it has completed the development--or rather "finalized the code"--of the virtualized version of Windows XP for the upcoming Windows 7 operating system hitting shelves later this month. Windows XP Mode, free to those who purchase or upgrade to Windows 7, will allow end users the ability to execute programs that currently will not work on the newer OS.

"We expect many Windows XP applications to be compatible Windows 7 however Windows XP Mode is meant to serve as an added safety net so small and mid-sized businesses can migrate and run Windows 7 without any road blocks," said Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc. "Windows 7 Professional is designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses."

According to the company, XP Mode will be available on October 22, the same street date as Windows 7. However, the software (or virtualization layer) will only work on certain versions of Windows 7: Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Consumers will also need a machine with chip-level virtualization support activated, however not all PCs offer this type of hardware support.

LeBlanc also added that OEMs will be able to offer Windows XP Mode on their PCs based on their manufacturing schedules. To learn more about what Windows XP Mode offers in the features department, check out LeBlanc's older post here.

  • wildwell
    Alright. Now there's no excuse for people not to upgrade, other than the $300.
  • dravis12
    wildwellAlright. Now there's no excuse for people not to upgrade, other than the $300.
    $100 for 7Pro OEM is no excuse at all.
  • i am sure glad i have an AMD cpu cause i know xp mode is going to work.
  • one-shot
    All this hype has made me feel my Vista x64 SP2 is vastly inferior. I may have no choice but to upgrade. :)
  • Kelavarus
    I beg to differ. Granted, I've already got a free upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium.

    BUT, it's only for Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate, and it's for "Productivity Programs". If there was a game that worked on XP but not on 7, AFAIK, you're still screwed.
  • opmopadop
    Vista> Im not new anymore, now no-one will buy me.
    Windows 7> Format Vista.
    DOS> Hehe, Im still here loosers.
  • silversurfernhs
    they can't be that ignorant... people will get it to run on HP and starter editions in no time; that or VMware it with their own copy... right?
  • aford10
    There's a lot of hype with's hoping the final results are up to snuff.
  • daggs
    opmopadopDOS> Hehe, Im still here loosers.
  • ravewulf
    I wish they would make it available sooner as some of us already have Win7 RTM through MSDN-AA (and other similar LEGAL methods)