17-Key Mouse Geared For MMO Gamers

Over in Cologne, Germany, Razer is presenting its latest devices at the Gamescom 2009 convention, one of which is the $79.99 Razer Naga mouse geared for MMO gamers. What makes this device stand out above the others on the market is the embedded, customizable 12-button thumb grid--in addition to the 5 buttons already present on the mouse--designed to keep the fingers on the mouse rather than hunting down spell keys assigned to the keyboard. According to the company, this design also eliminates excessive clicking on-screen.

"The Razer Naga’s add-on software, in conjunction with the supported titles, enables gamers to save unlimited profiles and program thousands of different in-game commands for each character you choose to play without the hassle of remapping every time you re-spec," the company said. "The ergonomic form factor gives players comfort and optimized control to every button."

While we haven't tested this device, Razor said that leading MMO players and community sites such as Curse.com have given this super-mouse a thorough beating before making an appearance at Gamescom. To catch a glimpse of this mouse in action, Razor uploaded a demo video over on YouTube here. Gamers who are naturally left-handed may be out of luck, or forced to learn to use of a mouse with the opposite hand.

In addition to the Naga, Razor also introduced the $49.99 Megasoma hybrid gaming mouse mat. This pad is optimized for both optical and laser mice, and even features an illuminated embedded logo to distract your eyes while being hammered in a brutal online deathmatch. Yay.

  • Hellbound
    holly hell..........
  • hellwig
    A num-pad on a mouse, Genious! Not that I play a lot of games that require a mouse and the num pad, but still, if I did, this would be an awesome mouse. Still though, if that picture is representative, the keys are a bit far back on the mouse, that's going to cause thumb strain.
  • What next? The entire keyboard oriented around a mouse? lol
  • Toddosan
    ZOMG!! that would be perfect for me.
  • Blessedman
    haha win7 a keyboard with an optical sensor on it that you move around (hmmmm)
  • Major7up
    Seems a bit excessive...
  • Kithzaru
    I've used a Razor keyboard and liked it, never used one of their mice though this one looks interesting.

    I say, keep it up Razor, give Logitech and SteelSeries some healthy competition.
  • Sparkuss
    How about the next step further for MMO's, many which involve hand to hand combat. When is a smart person going to hack a Wii style motion controller to a PC game,deatchmatch WoW anyone?
  • Kill@dor
    Good luck pushing #12...
  • ThisIsMe
    I think they call it "Naga" because they now you'll need the extra arms and hands to operate it.