Mu, the Awesome Folding UK Power Plug, is Now Shipping

A few years ago, the design of one Royal College of Arts student caught the attention of the tech world. It took the usually bulky, three-prong British plug and turned it into a slimmer, sexier, more compact design. South Korea-born Min-Kyu Cho was the man behind the design but he has since teamed up with businessman Matthew Judkins to bring it to life. Now, three years later, the product is coming to market. Last week it was announced that the Mu, as it is now called, had finally hit pre-order status. It ships now.

At the moment, the Mu serves as a USB adapter for charging cables, but wouldn't it be great if this unique design eventually ended up on laptop adapters, lamps, and pretty much anything else with a plug. It may be wishful thinking but that cool folding design looks like it might finally eliminate the special kind of pain that comes from standing on a UK-region plug.

The Mu costs £25 and is available from the official website.

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  • killabanks
    hahchbnmthey show in that video and it can be played on current tegra 2 phones, theres cracks that allow it to work on adreno gpu's as well. Gorgeous game for a phone.what? lol
  • Cons29
    wrong section maybe? :)
    anyway, having moving parts will most likely cause some trouble after some time. they better build it good
  • DXRick
    Wow. And to think I was alive when this was created.
  • bin1127
    What will they think of next?
  • womble
    "special kind of pain that comes from standing on a UK-region plug" I think there are very few people over here who will disagree with that observation.

    As a weapon the UK plug has few equals, I hear even the Klingons banned their use.
  • Another over engineered white elephant.
  • nukemaster
    Maybe its just me, but can they not just use a similar folding design to what we have in the US/CAN. IT only needs to prongs and they just fold flat into the unit it self. Or does a ground place holder prevent reverse polarity(2 prong stuff here has no worries of polarity) for them.

    US/CAN charger with folding plug, and many have this design now.
  • alyoshka
    This was one of the most amazing ideas 3 years ago, and to get it accepted and finally come out into the market, it's taken them 3 years. Great going, this is the beginning of a very very well earnt rest.
  • fazers_on_stun
    Hmm, and here I was expecting a power plug that could fold proteins too :D..
  • Alabalcho
    @Nukemaster, UK plugs need the ground pin (even if it is plastic) as it actually "unlocks" a door on the outlet for live / neutral pins. The plug itself usually contains a fuse as well.