VIA Reveals New Nano X2 Dual-Core Processor

Tuesday VIA Technologies announced the VIA Nano X2, a new dual-core processor based on a 40nm fabrication process and VIA's 64-bit "Isaiah" architecture. The new processor is geared for mainstream PC markets including desktops, notebooks and all-in-one solutions, signaling a renewed effort to take on Intel and AMD in the mainstream sector.

"The VIA Nano X2 processor arrives at a time when software architectures are now optimized to for multi-thread computing," commented Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. "Improvements in semi-conductor fabrication means we can now double the number of processor cores while maintaining the same low energy consumption levels that our customers are used to."

According to the company, the new VIA Nano X2 processor features two out-of-order x86 cores, delivering up to double the performance on multi-thread optimized applications. The new CPU also come packed with SSE4, native support for 64-bit operating systems, VT CPU virtualization technology, and VIA's PadLock hardware security feature. The new chip is also pin-to-pin compatible with previous CPUs including the VIA Nano, VIA C7, VIA C7-M and VIA Eden.

VIA said that samples of its new Nano X2 processors are currently available for OEMs and motherboard vendors. Systems featuring the new processors are expected to arrive sometime in Q1 2011.

  • DokkRokken
    Can we be expecting a thorough review of these? I'd love to see how these fare; we could sure use a third player in the mainstream market to liven those boring ol' 'Intel vs AMD' flamewars.
  • Randomacts
    DokkRokkenCan we be expecting a thorough review of these? I'd love to see how these fare; we could sure use a third player in the mainstream market to liven those boring ol' 'Intel vs AMD' flamewars.

  • mister g
    I beleive that my first PC that I've owned came from MicroCenter. It was a PowerSpec (MicroCenter brand) and came with a Via CPU running at 900mhz. Beleive it or not when i got my Dell in '07 (this one's hard drive failed and wasn't worth the replacement cost)it was the first time I owned an Intel CPU. Honestly I can't beleive that Via's still around but hey more power to them for surviving a decade of obscurity.
  • rpmrush
    sounds like new x86 comp
  • dogman_1234
    A third player will sure help AMD on low-end competition, and screw with Intel in every aspect,(epic).
  • Travis Beane
    And do these still suck?

    Sorry VIA, but Intel you can muslce on my i7-920 at 3.675GHz, then I'm not even going to dare putting you in my desktop.
    Some of us do more then email, facebook, and word. :)
  • joytech22
    mayankleoboy1if they are comparable to intel, only then will they see acceptance. being cost effective is just not good enough.
    It is if those CPU cores are at 2.5GHz and $10, then everything would have these suckers in them, from TV's, BD Computer systems etc..

    Good for VIA, my first computer had a VIA in it, 800MHz and could run Halo.. HALO! and that was all i needed :D
  • mirako347
    I personally don't like having direct opinions unless I really get annoyed with the company and they don't care. But yeah I can see why Travis Beane is comparing his i7 against the VIA Nano. In commercial wise, VIA Nano could of ended Intel Atom but then it was too slow and had lack of compatibility in drivers.

    Their drivers are improving, but too slow. VIA is too slow compared to AMD and Intel. To AMD, Intel is a GIANT competitor. While to VIA, AMD is a massive Giant including AMD's graphics. VIA owns S3 Graphics...but not really useful for desktop.

    VIA is basically a chipset company that had decided to expand by buying a CPU company, Centaur and a GPU company S3 Graphics. If they were to introduce their product two years ago, they would of owed the netbook nettop market.

    The company can only find haven in developing countries. The VIA PC-1 is looking good. If they use their money properly the gains in their profit may shoot them back to mainstream again. They've been in the "low end of the low end" for too long. Don't even talk about ARM's 32-bit processors becoming quad core with their Mali graphics. ARM is designing 64-bit processors...crazy. 2011 = Dual Core 32-bit ARM processors. 2012 = Quad Core 32-bit ARM processors. That's going to a great monopoly...and threat to the netbook market for AMD and Intel. If VIA doesn't catch up, it'll die out completely.

    VIA is too expensive :(
  • techguy378
    Cool. VIA is finally developing a CPU that can run most apps
  • iam2thecrowe
    same old via, 5 generations behind everyone else. Can it keep up with a Celeron from 3 yrs ago???...probably not.