Noctua to Provide a Free Mount for Haswell CPUs

Noctua's NM-i115x kit will provide most of its coolers released in 2005 or earlier with compatibility to the three sockets (LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156) that will be arriving with the release of Intel's upcoming Haswell range of CPUs. It marks the continuation of the company's tradition of providing its users with its SecuFirm2 mountings free of charge.

Noctua owners can obtain the NM-i11x mounting kit by submitting the following form with a proof of purchase of a Noctua Cooler and a socket LGA115x CPU or motherboard. For those urgently seeking the kit, it will also be available for purchase through the company's resellers and distribution partners.

For more information and the full list of compatible coolers, visit the NM-i115x's product page on Noctua's website.

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  • amuffin
    Well, they're not making you pay for it!

    Good guy Noctua.
  • vaughn2k
    memadmaxWhat?These guys think they are THAT special or something????

    Well. It's important to me...
    I have a Noctua NH-D14, LH-L12, LH-L9i.
    And this free mounting, will let me re-use this existing lovely cooler, without shelling out violets.
    So you better think about it..

    I did not requested these items by the way, they just sent me an email notice, that I will receive 3 sets free.
    See how important I am to them?
  • A Bad Day
    rmpumperWhy does Intel change the cooler mount design every time they release a new socket?

    Because it's easier to have the socket as an afterthought when building an extremely complex machine, than to think, "Hey, is this compatible with AM3+? No? Back to the drawing board."
  • Other Comments
  • memadmax
    These guys think they are THAT special or something????
  • amuffin
    Well, they're not making you pay for it!

    Good guy Noctua.
  • derekullo
    For a second I thought they were giving away free "services" if you bought a Haswell CPU.