Nokia Launches a Mini Laptop: the 3G Booklet

While it's easy to shove the Nokia Booklet into the same category as Sony's Lifestyle PC (you know, the "it's not a netbook, we swear" category), the Booklet does have a few features that we're not used to seeing

Before we get to the things that set it apart from other products already available, let's cover the basics. The notebook is Atom-powered, which should surprise no one considering Nokia and Intel announced a partnership earlier this year. Second, it's Windows-based, which we can only assume means it's going to be running some version of Windows 7.

However, what did catch our eye is the purported 12-hour battery life (if it can actually run for anything close to that, we'll be impressed), the 3G wireless, a hot-swappable SIM card, integrated A-GPS and a 10-inch HD ready display.

That aside, it weighs in at 1.25 kilos, is just over 2 cm thick, boasts Wi-Fi, HDMI out and an SD card reader. Pricing and availability is to be announced at a Nokia event on September 2. Until then, is anyone interested? If so, what kind of price would you pay for this piece of kit?

  • lifelesspoet
    I was excited until I saw the atom, I would have much preferred a arm based netbook running maemo. Also, intel owns the trademark on 'netbook', so if your running an atom its a netbook whether you like it or not, sorry nokia.
  • Major7up
    Sounds promising, I like the GPS but would have to see how it is integrated. If it well done, I would pay somewhere around $1300.
  • bono8106
    Sounds awesome and looks very good. I bet AT&T wouldn't want to support this in the U.S. due to their standard "bandwidth constraints" excuse.
  • cadder
    Battery life sounds like a positive, otherwise it is a basic netbook. And if you count on 3G access you can buy these things subsidized by the cellphone providers for about $200. If you buy it to be a netbook and you don't care about 3G access, then why would you pay more than what an ASUS 1000HE costs.
  • Kryan
    considering it's from Nokia, i'm actually liking it. the build quality will be of UTMOST importance to will that "12 Hour" battery life...

    "If so, what kind of price would you pay for this piece of kit?"
    I'd say anything between 300-350. if it is anything below that, i'll buy one to replace my Acer Aspire One.
  • 3p0cHx
    looking for a 10" LCD notebook/netbook w/ windows 7 ultimate touchscreen HDMI+audio out, wifi N + gigabit, GPS, bluetooth for tethering, big solid state hd, blueray, with 8 hr battery life and a media center remote for under $600. Essentially looking for an HTPC that I can attach to a big LCD TV, and grab and mount flat in my car, and then take where-ever as well. Does such a machine exist?
  • If I were in the market for such a device (and I certainly am not), I would pay around $1500 for it. The 12 hour battery doesn't really surprise me that much, as most netbooks claim to do something like 11 hours.

    Reasons I wouldn't want to buy this laptop/netbook/booklet: screen too small, cannot run games, little processing power.
  • jojesa
    Depending on the built quality of this Nokia “mini netbook” or whatever the name will be it should be priced around $600.
    I would like to know how they are getting 12 hours of battery on a device with WiFi, 3G wireless and GPS; unless all these devices are turn off.
    As of now there are laptops with WiFi, 3G wireless, GPS, more RAM and better CPU that cost between $800 and $1200.
  • IronRyan21
    dreamphantom_1977$9,768,475,123 and 13 cents...
    Im hoping this will be my net worth soon.......
  • snotling
    dreamphantom_1977$9,768,475,123 and 13 cents...for that price, I'll build you one that's 50% better on most specs that won't matter.