Thermaltake Intros New Non-Interference Cooler Series

On Thursday Thermaltake said that it has finally solved the issue of CPU coolers getting in the way of RAM slots thanks to the introduction of a new series of CPU coolers, the NiC Series.

In many cases, traditional "tower" coolers aren't ideal in a desktop because they're just too tall or wide. They can also get in the way of RAM slots that are positioned too closely to the CPU socket. Thermaltake claims it has cleared this obstacle with its new NiC Series of CPU coolers which use a slim tower side-flow form factor.

NiC actually stands for "Non-interference Cooler", and the series itself consists of four models: the NiC F3 (160W), NiC F4 (180W), NiC C4 (200W) and NiC C5 (230W). Thermaltake claims that they are fully compatible with all kinds of RAM, even the towering, high-end overclocked sticks inserted by power users.

According to Thermaltake, the slim coolers feature curved aluminum fins, each measuring just 0.4-mm thick, allowing for reduced backpressure and maximized overflow. The base plates are made of nickel plated copper which sends the processor's heat to the fin arrays through three to five 6-mm U-shaped heatpipes.

As for fans, the F3 model features one 120-mm PWM fan and the F4 model sports two -- both of these models use automatically adjustable silent fan blades with speeds between 800 and 1,600 RPM. The C4 and C5 models use VR fans that are hooked up to an adjustable fan speed nob, allowing users to manually adjust the spin from 1,000 to 2,000 RPM.

"Convenient tool-less fan clip design makes installation a breeze," the company said. "This [new series] brings the air cooler industry another level towards silence, performance and compatibility."

So far an actual launch date and pricing haven't been provided, so stay tuned.

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  • lp231
    They haven't solve anything, Cooler Master already has one too.
  • Yuka
    Tall RAM modules for enthusiasts? You do realize RAM doesn't require cooling, right?

    Just remove the Goddamn sticks and be done with it. Have mine with no metal thingies running at full speed and no heat in them.

  • christop
    That thing is huge..