Intel Responds to Overclocking on Non-Z Series Motherboards

The past few months have seen a wide variety of motherboard manufacturers provide the aptly named “Non-Z OC” BIOS updates that allow users to overclock Intel’s “K” processors on Bxx and Hxx chipset motherboards.

Considering that Intel officially sanctions overclocking on the more expensive Z87 chipset motherboards, and that “Non-Z OC” functionality could potentially threaten the company’s revenue, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are currently “placing the final touches” to a CPU microcode update that aims to remove this capability from non-Z87 motherboards.

With regards to actually deploying the update, Intel can be expected to either push the “fix” to relevant motherboard vendors with instructions to release it as a BIOS update, or release it through a Windows Update under the tried and tested guise of a “stability update.”

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  • cburke82
    this is very very weak of intel. I have a Z77 mobo so wont effect me but if the mobo is not produced by intel they need to stop. If they want control of motherboards then they should try to be a bigger player in that market instead of backing out of it.
  • Sangeet Khatri
    This is not done.. I mean why the hell do the companies like Intel try to be so closed. As cburke82 said, they do not make these motherboard, hence they should just stay away from this stuff.

    Really Intel is a great chip manufacturer but why do you have to be so closed in everything. I mean Intel also locks the Overclock multiplier in their chips for no real reason just because they want to make more profit by making people get only the thing that they want to sell.

    I mean look at AMD, almost all of their chips have unlocked multiplier and they don't ever Interfere with any of the Motherboard manufacturer and does not peek their nose in everything else. They just launch great chips and let the other manufacturers do whatever they want to.

    I really hate when good companies try to control everything according to their liking, some other examples are Apple (iOS) when compared to the open source Android by Google.

    Why cannot every company by just open like AMD and Google are?
  • sarinaide
    Gotta love Intel #cuethesarcasm