Nook Gets a Price-cut in the UK

Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch hasn't been available in the United Kingdom for long. Priced at £79, the ereader was priced very competitively when it launched back in September. However, it seems B&N is eager to give the tablet a boost in sales, as the book retailer has just dropped the price of the Simple Touch by a huge margin.

The UK Nook website now lists the Nook Simple Touch as £29. It's not clear whether this is a promotional price or if B&N is discounting the device for other reasons. What is clear is that this price won't be around forever. The website lists the £29 price as 'Limited-time only.' The Simple Touch GlowLight and Nook HD also saw reductions and are now priced at £69 (down from £109), and £159 (down from £129). The Nook HD+ now costs £179, marked down from £229.

It would seem these discounts also apply in store (at least, the website offers no indication that it's an online-only deal). So check out your local John Lewis, Argos, Sainsbury’s, Dixons and Waitrose, or Blackwell’s and Foyles.

  • mseagle2
    Should keep it low. I have a couple free and paid apps on the nook store and have had tens of thousands of downloads - UK is something like a few tenths of a percent of the total downloads.