A Roundup of Announced GeForce GTX 770 Graphics Cards

Yesterday Nvidia announced its GeForce GTX 770 graphics card. The card's GPU features 1536 CUDA cores, 128 TMUs, 32 ROPs, runs at a base clock speed of 1046 MHz, and boosts up to 1085 MHz. The card's memory is either configured as 2 GB or 4 GB, both GDDR5 memory running over a 256-bit memory interface at an effective speed of 7.0 GHz. This though, is the reference specification. In the table below, we have listed all the GTX 770 cards that we have spotted to date, including their specifications.

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ManufacturerModelBase/Boost ClockGDDR5Memory Clock
Nvidia (Reference)GTX 7701046/1085 MHz2 GB / 4 GB7.0 GHz
AsusGTX 770 DirectCU II1059/1110 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
EvgaGTX 7701046/1085 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
EvgaGTX 770 SC1085/1137 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
EvgaGTX 770 4 GB1046/1085 MHz4 GB7.0 GHz
EvgaGTX 770 4 GB ClassifiedTBA4 GB7.0 GHz
EvgaGTX 770 ACX1046/1085 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
EvgaGTX 770 SC ACX1111/1163 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
EvgaGTX 770 4 GB ACX1046/1085 MHz4 GB7.0 GHz
EvgaGTX 770 FTW 4 GB ACXTBA4 GB7.0 GHz
EvgaGTX 770 Classified 4 GB ACXTBA4 GB7.0 GHz
Inno3DGTX 7701046/1085 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
Inno3DGTX 770 HerculeZ 20001068/1110 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
MSIGTX 770 Gaming1098/1150 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
MSIGTX 770 Lightning1150/1202 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
GainwardGTX 7701046/1085 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
GainwardGTX 770 Phantom1150/1202 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
GainwardGTX 770 Phantom 4 GB1046/1085 MHz4 GB7.0 GHz
PalitGTX 7701046/1085 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
PalitGTX 770 JetStream 2 GB1150/1202 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
PalitGTX 770 JetStream 4 GB1046/1085 MHz4 GB7.0 GHz
KFA2GTX 770 EX-OC1110/1163 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
GalaxyGTX 770 GC1110/1163 MHz2 GB7.0 GHz
ZotacGTX 7701059/1098 MHz2 GB / 4 GB7.0 GHz
ZotacGTX 770 AMP!1150/1202 MHz2 GB7.2 GHz

Do consider that this table might not be complete. It only has the cards listed which have been officially announced so far, so don't be surprised to see even more GTX 770 cards later down the line.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • nitrium
    Here in NZ a Gigabyte board is definitely coming (at frankly ridiculously pricing I might add).
  • CarolKarine
    holy hell evga, you got enough variants there?
  • The EVGA ACX cards seem to be the best of the 770 and 780 cards I have seen so far.
  • soldier44
    Recent buyer of a GTX 780 EVGA superclock version and very happy with it. Saw a 45 fps boost in my frames in BF3 at 2560 x 1600 ultra settings. Coming from a 3GB 580.
  • rolli59
    Presuming that Toms will have a comparison test soon.
  • JJ1217
    Its a MEH card tbh. Its nice how it basically replaces the 670 price, even in australia. The cheapest 670 in aus is $400 for the gigabyte one, while the 770 is $469 if you get it from Galaxy. But the 2GB video ram is a massive turnoff for me. Disappointing considering we are definitely pushing the boundaries with 2GB even at 1080p and with more people going 1440p/1600p and even 4K gaming, these cards with all this horsepower feel like they're going to be obsolete, even this year.
  • 17seconds
    Way to go Gainward and Palit (same company) for putting out some of the fastest models. We're used to it from MSI and Zotac, but nice to see another company shooting for the top. I'll expect that EVGA FTW to be right there as well.
  • 17seconds
    Too bad you can't actually buy the Nvidia reference model with the nice magnesium, Plexiglas, and aluminum Titan/780 heatsink on it. I'll look for it on Best Buy, about the only place I know of that sells the Nvidia branded cards.
  • Someone Somewhere
    You're kind of missing some of the ones in your recent 770 review. MSI's Lightning, Gigabyte's Windforce.
  • slomo4sho
    The Galaxy and MSI cards will likely provide the best mix of performance and price.